Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I’m pretty sure that pausing doesn’t kill your $12 a month choice pricing, cancelling your subscription does, unless you have a really weird deal with them. I could be wrong—I’m still rocking a prepaid 12-month plan for like 24+ months at this point, since I’m getting like one bundle out of every three, so I never got the same message you’re getting.

Honestly PGA 2k is pretty good, but obviously I already have it. Just need to dial in the difficulty you prefer. I tended to dominate or get crushed.

He does. He wasn’t grandfathered in like you or I, he got a different version of the deal (with different strings) after the fact.

Ouch. That does suck. Rockman—if you’re like me and really only liking 1 out of every 3 or 4 bundles, definitely time to jump ship.

From that description I’m curious about the Fort Triumph game. I wonder what Atomicrops and Not for Broadcast are about.

Fort Triumph and Atomicrops both have their own threads hereabouts.

Yes if you can’t pause, cancel.

Oh I’ve been sniped by vinraith, he typed faster than me.

Not for Broadcast gives me the feeling is a Papers Please! type of game, but editing live tv action video?

I’m kind of tempted just for PGA 2k1. Can you just buy one month?

Yes, but if that’s the only game you’re interested in I can just send you my key when I buy in. Not one I need. :)

I’m not one for fast 2D platformers anymore (if I ever was) but I’ve gotta say the main title of the Narita Boy soundtrack sounds awesome, if you’re into synth/retrowave. Being “of a certain age” it really takes me back.

Yeah, that’s the only one. Very generous of you! I might be in for Atomicrops if I didn’t already have it.

I’m totally in for PGA 2k1 and was offered a four dollar discount when I pretended to pause - sweet!

Not really. It’d just lie around my Humble account otherwise. :)

Thanks a ton, malkav! Gonna hit the links.

Again, everyone pining for the glory days of great AAA games being given away is missing the point of Humble Bundle. It’s always primarily been about indie games (don’t you remember the hullabaloo when they started putting AAA games into their headliners? I do!). This month in particular has some fantastic indie games. If you’re still pausing at this stage, cut your losses and cancel because you’re always going to be chasing the elusive AAA games you want.


Nah, I’ll just continue pausing and bitching.

I don’t mind the pausing, it’s the bitching!