Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

argh! i redeemed the gog key!! oh well.

The collector in me is trying to resist this; it is a very steep discount.

I hate it when there is a bundle where I don’t own any of the games (great!) but the reason for that is because I do not want to play any of the games (boo!)

I have Old World for any Civ related urges, this is a pass for me.

While I have no interest in any of the games this time (the extra game being called “Fistful of Nothing” seems appropriate), my wife is a big fan of Civ VI but has none of the DLC. So… I guess… it might be worth getting it for that.

I’d say that’s a pretty good investment!

Looks like that Disjunction won’t be getting a steam key. Not much I’m interested in from this monthly. :(

There’s a new comics bundle that might interest people for their kiddos. I haven’t read any of these yet. They come highly recommended by friends who only recommend the best stuff. It’s basically “power rangers are awesome”, but in a good way.

That new layout is horrible for book bundles. It has all their comic books, and a 4 issue highly rated ninja turtle crossover. This one is also weird, with half of them only available as epubs, and the other half pdfs.

Yeah I saw that, sadness. Time to visit GoG I guess.

I tried to pause and discovered when I signed up for Humble Choice last month $12 a month for 12 months, it meant that I can’t pause without losing the deal. So if I pause, it says I will lose the $12 price per month. I guess the normal price per month is $20? And you get to pick 9 games instead of 12 I think? It doesn’t mention any of that, it just says I’ll lose the deal I signed up for. Hmmm. On the other hand, I definitely don’t want any of the games in this month’s bundle.

I am pretty sure you can pause , lose this months deals, and still have 11 months left.

Contact support to verify?

That depends on the specifics of the deal, there are definitely “no pause” deals. If he’s getting a warning when he tries to pause, odds are good he has one of those. Keep in mind, Rock8man isn’t a legacy.

In theory you get fewer picks, but in practice the last at least four months have been everyone gets everything and I think it’s been longer than that. I don’t know if they’re ever going to stop that “special promotion”.

True, humble getting all sneaky like.


Yeah, unless you’re a legacy customer, the $12/12 months deal is exactly that: you are in for the 12 months at the $12 price tag monthly. At least you’re not billed in a lump sum for that, and you can opt out.

Also be aware: if you do opt out, it may be a window of time (a few months? 6? a year?) before they offer you another similar deal.

Quick update from the Disjunction situation.

Hi everyone, thanks for all the continued feedback. Just to clarify, it’s entirely up to Steam whether or not they grant requests for large volumes of Steam keys. In this case, they chose not to. Believe me, we would give you all Steam keys if we could and we’re as frustrated as you are about this situation. We want everyone to be able to play Disjunction on the platform of their choice, and we’re sorry that we’re unable to provide that.

I never seen this this before.

Edit: Source

Reading that Steam thread really makes me wish I could reach out through the monitor and slap some people remotely. I don’t know if it’s the level of entitlement that’s more annoying, or how all the posters seem to conspiracy loonies totally detached from reality.

It’s DRM free GoG keys. Why wouldn’t they be an acceptable substitute?

Because people want the functionality that Steam brings to the table, and while GOG offers some of that, they want it in the same place as their other games. And while I don’t agree with the people who are claiming dumb shit like it being a scam (how would it be a scam? You get the game, and it clearly says it’s a GOG key), I would also. GOG achievements aren’t in the Steam achievement ecosystem, for example. And I can’t get GOG’s screenshot function to work at all (granted, this game I doubt I’d be screenshotting since it’s an indie pixel game). Oh, and GOG Galaxy is considerably less stable for me than Steam. I know you don’t have to use it but then I don’t remember the game is even there because I’m no longer used to running games from Start.

Not for me for the reasons stated above. I not interested in the game though but I just posted this in case anyone was waiting for the Stem Keys.

So, Humble Bundle sent me a email for the Frontier Pass for only 10 dollars. It doesn’t show up until you put it in your cart it seems, and it looks like its available to people that picked up the Humble Bundle.

Might be worth looking into.