Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Pretty good board game on Steam bundle.

Thanks for this, I think you were right - I had a poke around, switching to monthly didn’t seem to help, but cancelling it did let me then apply the gift link ok. Happy days!

Thanks for the tip! Self-gifted!

I’m sure it will work fine if you vote for his CS:GO team first.

PSA re pausing a month if none of the current bundle games float your boat. They certainly don’t float mine.

Thanks for the reminder!

Ah crap. I forgot and just got charged.

Let’s see what I just bought.

Facepalm. This month is the worst.

Contact them, as long as you don’t make a habit of it, they are quite accepting and quick with the refunds.

True, but that Robo Quest seems kind of cool.

Wasteland 3 and Greedfall for $6 each ($4 if you skipped last month)? Don’t mind if I do, thank you!

I almost bit on Wasteland 3 for $10 on it’s own yesterday as the Star Deal on Fanatical. Glad I decided to hold out a little longer. I’ve heard good things about Where the Water Tastes Like Wine as well. I’ve never heard of the rest of the bundle, but the headliners were enough for me.

Thanks for this. I contacted them that day, and I just got my refund yesterday.

December’s a good month for my tastes. I’m in!

I already have Greedfall and I bounced hard off Wasteland 2 so looks like a skip for me.

This is an amazing lineup, but yeah I already own the games I care about. I believe they’re on game pass too. Humble needs to not use anything on GP to make any money off me ever.

Wasteland 3 is supposed to be a big step up from 2. Maybe watch some videos to see if looks any good to you?

Four titles off my wishlist! Before they retooled the format, I’d go four months without seeing one.

I’ll certainly keep in mind to look at it in that light but, honestly, I’ve got several big RPG’s of this sort I’ve yet to find time for, so even if it does look like my cup of tea “skip” is (sadly) still the right move for me personally.

I do appreciate the note, though - I’d been totally ignoring W3 figuring it was more of the same.

Pretty solid month. I would have preferred Umurangi instead of Toem for the “photography game” slot, but I’ll take it!

This would be an awesome bundle if I didn’t already finish Wasteland 3 on gamepass and Greedfall on steam.

Wasteland 3 is awesome (8.5) - I actually finished it, unlike Wasteland 2, and enjoyed it throughout. Greedfall is good (7/10) - too much boring running around, but it has its moments and interesting setting.

Wasteland 3 is miles above Wasteland 2. As far as TBS party RPG it’s the best of the bunch recently that doesn’t follow a specific ruleset where it doesn’t have the baggage and benefits of the tabletop system it’s tied to.

Literally, everything is better in WL3. The writing, the story, the gameplay, the RPG elements, and the worldbuilding, voice acting, graphics, sound. The base game actually feels a little short after you get going, ending very satisfyingly but hungry for more. The 1st DLC adds just more, so it adds a good 6-10 hours of the same quality, while the 2nd they kind of muffed the challenge combat missions with some questionable design choices.

Huge thumbs up from an avid TBS/RPG gamer. Just as a teaser, here is the music for your first boss battle - Wasteland 3 - Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb (With Lyrics) - YouTube