Huxley Closed Beta

I just got a subscriber email from Fileplanet, telling me to sign up for the Huxley closed beta. I’m really psyched about this game, with its post-apocalyptic setting and all. And of course, the visuals are AWESOME.

Oh wait, US and Canada only? Damn it.

I thought this game died, did they bring it back or am I thinking of another post-apocalyptic mmo?

You’re probably thinking of Auto Assault which is indeed quite dead.

Huxley has just been in development for a good long while.

Didn’t they go from 10,000 planned players fighting at once to a half full Battlefield server’s worth?

So is the closed beta actually running right now? If I was a sucker and signed up for FilePlanet just to get this beta invite would I be able to play as soon as I download and patch the client?

After reading some more forums, apparently yes, the beta is up now, but you can only play between 2pm and 10pm PST.

Keep us updated and if you get a chance to bring others into the beta I humbly ask to be invited ;~) Been looking forward to this one.

I have an appointment with these guys in the morning. I have hope for it, but I’m not sure at this point. I hear it was paired back a lot.

Isn’t this a Chinese-made game? If so, that’s kind of a slap to the face.


Nevermind. Korean.

I got into the beta through my Fileplanet subscription. I downloaded and installed the client, but didn’t play last night. The beta is focused solely on small scale PvP, so none of the PvE elements are in. I expect at this point it plays somewhat like any other arena based shooter, but we’ll see.

This is a post apocalyptic game of bunny hopping and rocket spam. I don’t think much can be said about the beta without breaking NDA, but it does have PvE quests in there.

Mostly though, in my brief time playing it’s been a game where everyone bounces around in combat like they’re on crack.

I already want to play it.

While I wanted this to be the next Planetside, when I heard they were using the Unreal engine I knew what the end result was going to be…

My bad then. I was going by what the beta website said the beta actually contained. I swear it said the beta was limited to small scale PvP. If it has some PvE content then heck, I’m actually interested in trying it out.

So this is now a free to play PC only twitch game supported by microtransactions? Sounds like an FPS Guild Wars that dings your wallet for all the good loot and instances you with 100-odd people at a time. Bizarre.

I can’t see the word ‘Huxley’ without thinking of the Cosby show - even though I know their last name was Huxtable, not Huxley. It’s tough to maintain a sense of post-apocalyptic dread when I keep seeing Bill’s happy dad face.

When I see Huxley, I think of the L.A. Confidential.

Anyone spend much time in this? I’m thinking of trying the beta but don’t know if its any good or not.

I’ve played it quite a bit and the NDA keeps me from going into detail, but I can definitely say I won’t be playing at launch.

it’s worth checking out though, the reasons I don’t like it are personal preferences and not anything in particular that’s ‘wrong’. Not the type of FPS I enjoy

Agreed. And I don’t think I am hurting the NDA by saying this but, it just looks pretty bleak in the sense that it’s been nearly a week and the new set of testers can’t get into the beta forums, because nobody will approve them. And naturally any public posts is deleted. Thus, nobody can get help or share their problems.

This is all on their main boards, with a lot of people complaining they can’t get issues fixed if nobody will give them forum access. I completely understand people can be busy at times, but without allowing the second set of cbt testers to communicate, I can only fear where this game is going.