I blame Jon R. (err...Hello?)

Jon R. wrote

I thought “Hey, cool. The other “Who are you and what do you do?” thread was way old and 80 pages long, so maybe this one will allow the newer Qt3ers to join in”.

I joined this forum for Dominions 2 games, but damn you people know and love your games.

As far as what I do, I am 28 years old, and a “non-traditional” (i.e. not 18 years old and driving a BMW…gotta love stereotypes) student at the University of Virginia. I am working at my uncle’s coffee shop on the days I am not in school. (He is Vietnamese, and I am a white boy. We both love pulling the “Can’t you see the resembalance?” joke.)

As far as games go, my dad bought an apple 2c back in the day; along with a whole stack of cracked games. Looking at it now it makes me laugh, as he is a 30 year FBI vet; but it let me play a whole lot of games. (I’ve more then made up for it with games I have bought…gotta love rationalization.)

My gaming highlight is getting a hint published for the first Might and Magic game in Dragon Magazine (143 I think. Had the Lamia Queen on the cover.). Looking back at it, I am sure the fact that it was written in pencil with a 5th graders scrawl had something to do with it (it was a bad hint), but damn, it felt good.

Thats about it.

“here son, I got you this from the Fairlight raid”