I Hate Disqus Thread

Who else hates Disqus? God, I hate it with a passion. I’ts so annoying. Ever since AV Club switched to Disqus, keeping track of giant threads has become a pain-in-the-ass. Why is there not a way to Load All Comments? Why do I have to constantly load them 10-12 times a discussion?

Most annoying comment software on the planet.

I don’t really have any problems with Disqus. From a user perspective it’s working quite well, and from a site owner’s perspective it’s awesome: free and extremely easy to integrate, with virtually no load on the website’s own server. As long as they can keep the service going (I don’t know their financial situation) you should probably expect to see more Disqus rather than less.

Sorry, wrong. Most annoying comment systems is Kinja at gawker’s family of sites.

Disqus has its problems too, but compared to Kinja it’s comparable to being fellated by an early-90s Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“Disqus is taking longer than usual to load.”


“I’ll have what he’s(sic) having.”

I tried using Disqus on my own blog and just…didn’t click with it. It was cumbersome, slow and part of me didn’t like that the comments were on someone else’s server. Comments are like GOLD to me. GOLD. I don’t want that somewhere else. ;)


JLH only turned 18 in 1997… Just saying… :p

Is party of 5 era JLH OK?

Ok with me… :D

I think he’s saying Disqus is so good it should be illegal.