I hate golf, I want a golf game

Is Tiger Woods the only option?

Because GameSpot seems to rip into it pretty freaking hard… http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/sports/tigerwoodspgatour08/review.html

the best golf game of all time:

no kidding

Hot Shots Golf.

Alabatross(mis spelled?) 18 is a great arcade like golf game, the gameplay is like an online version of hot shots.

Super Swing Golf for the Wii. Or Mario Golf for the Gamecube.

And while I don’t agree with the classification of Moonbase Commander as a golf game (if it’s one, so is Worms), everyone should play it or be cursed to the hell of playing HL2 for eternity. Fantastic game.

How about Mario Golf for the GBA? That might be the best golf game ever created.

Just pick up '07. Should be cheap now.


Is Tiger 08 really bad if you never played 07? I know it probably makes more sense to pickup 07 but I like new shit.

I’ll second both Albatross 18 and Hot Shots Golf. Hot Shots gets the nod from me, though the online aspect of A18 is pretty nice. BTW, Swing Away on the Wii is actually just a port of A18 ;)

So there is no Mario Golf 64 equivalent for this generation?

There is a mario golf for the gamecube, but I never played more then a few minutes of it at Eb.

It’s super mega amazing awesome. Best golf game I’ve ever played.

Yes indeed, as other posters have already pointed out, the latest Hot Shots Golf is what you need. Within the next few months we should see a release for the fifth iteration in North America of the series’ latest that has been released as Minna no Golf 5 in Japan.

I imported it and it was so damn worth it. It’s not that much of an upgrade compared to the fourth game on PS2 gameplay wise, but it’s really beautiful-looking and relaxing. Clap Hanz really went all out with it. There will also be some online play options included in it.

It’s the game to watch, either wait for the North American version’s impending release, or get Hot Shots Golf 4 on PS2 for a song if you don’t have a PS3 yet, or if you are unwilling to pay 499$ for one. Personally for me, HSG5 was the main reason for getting a PS3.

Yeah, I played a lot of Hot Shots on PSP, so definitely looking forward to this on PS3.

Other than some crappy XBLA minigolf game, I’m not aware of any Xbox 360 golf games other than Tiger Woods (presumably what Jakub is looking for based on linked Tiger Woods review).

As others have already mentioned, if you don’t care for “real” golf but enjoy arcadey golf games, Hot Shots Golf and Mario Golf are the best options if you’ve got a Sony or Nintendo console (I’d also recommend checking out Ribbit King which is out for PS2 and GameCube if you don’t mind straying from golf to FROG GOLF!).

The closest thing I know of to those games that is Xbox-friendly would be Outlaw Golf, which was Xbox 1 era but I think works under BC.

Damn, I forgot about Frolf! Ribbit King was pretty awesome.

shameless plug:

From the original developers of Hot Shots and all of the Mario Golf titles:

http://wii.ign.com/objects/959/959941.html - We Love Golf

No US release date announced yet though… Probably doesn’t meet your need as far as timeframe goes.

For “near term” I’m really looking forward to Hot Shots 5 in early October.

Sadly, it will probably take SCEA a few more months to localize the whole thing, so a release in early January 2008 wouldn’t even be surprising. They have the tendency to replace Japan-specific characters which adds more work to do. And this time around there’s a real japanese golf pro in the Japan PS3 version, so it’s doubtful that he’ll make the cut.

Hot Shots.