I have a little something to show you :)

That’s a beautiful photo. Hope things progress on the transplant front.

WELCOME BACK JP! Missed you.

Amazing pics, glad to see you post again JP.

Gorgeous photographs and amazing dedication to a really special project. Thank you for sharing, @jpinard :)

Missed you Jeff! Glad all is well with you and the frops! :D

A couple more pictures.

If any of you saw @ineffablebob picture’s when he helped with our leak nightmare this winter, the contrast is pretty striking.

Females have a white throat and their ear is the same size as their eyes. Meanwhile, males (above) have a yellow throat, their ears or tympanum are twice the size of their eyes. This is a girl we named “Limey” because when she’s dry she turns the most beautiful lime green color all over. Technically she’s Limey 2.0, as her Mom was from a few years back. She’s gen 2 and has the same disposition as her Mom. More intelligent than all the other frogs, she will hop into your hand for food hence she gets the most worms :)

You have added some beautiful things to the world.

Great to see you back Jeff. Your presence was certainly missed.

I feel you would appreciate that you inspired a recent backyard improvement of mine. Nothing like yours, but a little fountain and some flowers. Perhaps one day I’ll hit you up for tips on how to expand to a beautiful pond like yours ;)

It’s Jeff! Yay!

This is really awesome–thanks for sharing!

Man, that’s so great, Jeff. Fantastic pics. And so great to have you here posting as well.

Video of one of the things we find so entertaining: “Frog Wrestling”

This is a sequence of pics. 26 of them with the ones above included. Flowers, some more frog pics, tadpoles, and the fish our nieces and nephews picked out to replenish our pond as we lost all our fish this past winter. Hopefully I can catch up on messages. Take care all :)

So good to hear from you JP, fantastic pics too!

Awesome pond JP, and glad you posted.
I’ve been letting the milkweeds grow in part of my lawn for butterflies. Haven’t seen any though. :/ Plenty of frogs though that I escort to the woods when mowing the lawn (the occasional snake, too, that I uh wait until they escort themselves…)

Wow, look how far the frop bog has come! Freakin’ gorgeous, Jeff!


Cool! I’m quite surprised at the weird noise these frogs make: totally different from what I’ve come to expect from our ordinary Dutch frogs…

You just made my day so much better, Jeff. Kiss Limey 2.0 for me, hoping she won’t transform as she is froggin’ cute.

Fantastic pics! Is that cilantro growing next to the bog?

Jeff - so glad you’re back to posting! Stunning pics and you’ve made an oasis in your yard. If I might ask, as you do live in cold climates, do you have to put out new plants each year, or do the plants make it through the winter fine?

Yes! As someone who just put a few water lillies and iris’ in a water feature, and is under the impression that they winter fine in deep water, I am intensely interested in any tips @jpinard !