I have co-written a very bizarre short story. Anyone interested in reading it?

So, I had this weird moment of half-assed inspiration a few nights ago while reading Qt3. There’s no explaining it, really. All I can say is, I took dozens of Flowers posts and re-arranged them to make an extremely violent, totally insane short story.

Here is the synopsis: Flowers is a sociopathic, homicidal attorney-at-law / 25th century technothief who travels back in time using a futuristic battle suit that runs on human flesh (he prefers to use children) in order to rob the Royal Bank of England of its gold bullion, which was illegally siezed from the Nazis during the Fall of the Third Riech, to make a political statement only he understands and also to impress his fiance and buy her a phat rock. Things go a little…awry, is all I am going to say.

Would you guys be interested in reading it? I have it broken into easy-to-digest pieces, I can post them by parts in this thread, or another, more pristine one. What ya say? Huh?? Huh?? Tom, is it okay? I already asked Flowers. He hates the idea but to hell with him! No, actually, he gave me permission.

Just post it already!

This sounds like it will be the greatest story ever told. I think we would all be honored if you would share it with us.

I’ll wait for the graphic novel adaptation.

You actually should be referring to this as fanfiction. Pretty sure.

Only if I get a cameo role.

C’mon, let’s hear it!

How is that different from what historically happened?

This I’ve got to read. It’s either going to be shockingly good or really weird, in any case, extremly entertaining.

I’d read it.

You should put it on your livejournal, so you can complain when none of us plebians “get it”.

I’d still read it though.

Post forthwith!

It’d be great if Bill Mary Sue’d himself into the story, especially if his character only talked in capital letters.

Done. Wait for part 2.

I have lurked these forum for a lot of time before finally registering and i always wondered why someone didn’t create a compilation of the awesome posts made by Flowers.

I have read part 1 and it’s awesome, “you racist jerkoff”!

– Paco

Bravo! This is incredible.

The main problem is that it can’t possibly live up to expectations… can it?

  • Alan

Does anyone else remember the time some guy posted Shootclub slash fiction?

Wait… wasn’t that just the short story right there?

— Alan

Wha?! Where is it?