I just realized that every member of Huey Lews & The News

…on the cover of Fore!, except for the keyboard player, has a mullet.

Mullet, mullet, not a mullet, mullet mullet mullet.

It was a dark time.

Maybe that’s the power of love.

It’s hip to be square. Don’t you remember ANYTHING they taught us?

Huey Lews & The News rocked. I still listen to that shit everyonce and a while.

“You like Huey Lewis and The News?”

What’s odd about that picture?

First, and this is something most people overlook, the non-mullet is actually a woman. Now if you digitally slide the non-mullet next to Huey Lewis…

The first album I ever owned was HLatN Sports. Those were great days we lived in, gents.

Huey Lewis and the News were the worst fucking thing ever.

I knew Huey’s Grandmother, and he used to stop in the grocery store in my little town. He was a class act.

The one with the beard is a woman? OK.

…and I fucking abhor HL&tN. The only thing he ever did worthwhile was give a record contract to Bruce Hornsby.

Was trying to reference the recent Akiva Goldsman classic film, The Da Vinci Code.

The worst fucking thing ever was Whiskey Town, or anything affiliated with Ryan Adams.

Isn’t that from American Psycho?

No disagreement here.

Yep, picture and quote.

How can you have more than one worst fucking thing ever? How would Huey Lewis be connected to Ryan Adams?

I have exactly the same opinion of Huey Lewis and the News as the killer from American Psycho. I think it’s already been pointed out, so we can move on from there.

They are an awesome band. Brace yourself;

Power of Love
-Theme Song from Back to the Future, 'nuff said.

If This is It
-Beatiful use of comparison and contrast regarding how a man and a woman each deal with a failing relationship and what should be done.

Heart and Soul
-Video has vampires, second most awesome musical break featuring a simple solo and clapping. (First place is Superdrag’s “Cynicality,” from Regretfully Yours.)

I Want a New Drug
-Synthesizer clears the palette, the energy mounts to a head as Huey lists his demands and then draws back to a simple, “when I’m alone with you.”

Back in Time
-Same as Power of Love, but add the fact that it is about being a time travelling, wrong righting musician. Enough cannot be said.

Stuck With You
-I’m glad that at least one person on Earth understands how comfortably people who really click fall in together and how easily we are led down the path of life when we have someone we can trust. An absolutely whistling organ solo.

Hip to Be Square
-Irony ain’t just a river in Venus.

I always thought he was singing “The Heart of Rock and Roll is Topeka” but then I realized years later that I was wrong.

I’m not sure why it took me so long. Topeka?

Bruce Hornsby is the fucking man.