I just set a new record for time-to-uninstall in Civilization VI

I don’t think you’re alone, I think the series remains quite popular. For me, my criticisms could be condensed down to the fact that the AI is incapable of handling the basic fundamentals of the game design and that as a strategy game, the game lacks “interesting decisions” as Sid Meier would put it.

Googling “uninstall civilization 6” without quotes has this post on the top of the second page of search results.

For people that have googled “Civilization 6” previously this may show up in their Google news feed which is probably causing the influx of new members. I welcome them all wholeheartedly!

A far better player than me explained it long ago. I may be ignorant (which I am, because it still looks like the same puzzle busy work from watching a couple of lps) but it doesn’t seem anything fundamentally changed, just tinkered with.

Clearly this [1UPT] was a decision made early on, since it’s such an important part of the game. At the same time, they wanted to keep the “civ” feel to the game, where you settle new cities, build improvements and city buildings, and go in to the city screen to adjust your citizens. Combined, this meant that they had to limit the total number of tiles in the game, and so they tried to force army sizes to be very small. A typical civ 4 army of ~50 units would be incredibly annoying to manage in the Civ V style, so they wanted to encourage armies of only 5~10 units. I hope this succession game showed how clunky warfare becomes in this game when the army sizes get large (I enjoy the early wars with small army sizes). The AI can’t handle it, and the player doesn’t enjoy it.

In order to do that, they had to limit production. You can see that in the decreased yields- production and food yield have been decreased compared to civ 4, whereas the food required to grow a city was greatly increased. The early units like warriors don’t take very long to build, but the cost of units quickly increases. The high upkeep costs for units, buildings, and roads factor in to this as well (see my sig: Civ5 is the first Civ game that is about NOT building instead of building. Don’t build troops since support is so high, don’t build buildings because support is too high, don’t build roads because… yada yada yada). The idea was, I think, that every new military unit would take about 10~20 turns to build, just enough to replace your losses while you continually upgraded your original army. As a result, your army size would stay almost constant throughout the game.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that there’s two ways of effectively decreasing production. Either decrease hammer yields while increasing costs- which they did- or to make science go faster- which they also did. The beaker cost of techs decreased, great scientists became more powerful, and research agreements were added. All of these accelerated the tech pace, giving less time to build the units/buildings for each technology, which effectively decreased production.

So now the developers are stuck with a game that has greatly reduced production values. That’s fine, except for one thing- what do they do in the early game? They can’t expect us to just sit around clicking “next turn” for 40 turns waiting for our worker to finish, or 100 turns for a library to finish. It’s bad enough that it already takes up to 15 turns to finish that first worker. So, they had to make the early stuff a bit cheaper. You can build a warrior in ~6 turns, and you can build a horseman or a library in ~10. Even a coloseum only takes ~20. The idea was that a small city was efficient enough to produce the early game stuff in a reasonable amount of time, and as the city grew, it would produce the later stuff in the same amount of time- keeping army size constant while the cities grew and built infrastructure. There would be no massive increases in the power of a city with its size (like civ 4 had) because if a city became really powerful, it could create huge armies which would break the 1UPT system. If large cities were only modestly more powerful than small cities, the army sizes would stay small. That’s pretty much what I discovered when I tried a game limited to just 3 large cities.

For some reason this article appeared in my google news feed, although i don’t think i did search specifically for Civ VI recently. It’s even more surprising as i usually get news in French (my native language).
The title made me curious and i found the comments quite funny, so here i am.

Bienvenue @anachron13 il y a des autres Francophones dans le forum.

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Ah yes, the old “Google News Feed in Non-native Language” Theory. Totally makes sense.

Edit: to be clear @anachron13 I’m making fun of how google apparently spammed a random qt3 story into a bunch of news feeds. Not making fun of you. Welcome.

TBH i would also be curious to know how the Google algorithm ended with a suggestion for this specific story.

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I am guessing it must be because of @tomchick’s knack with languages that foreign Google has embraced him so willingly.

I mean, my son got this pushed to him and he doesn’t post here (although he is in several Civ-related online communities)

Could be a mix of subject matter + the Google AI picking up on a controversial (and therefore click-baity) headline.

The Google Assistant News Feed swipe to the far left homescreen thing is obnoxiously efficient at surfacing the most idiotic clickbait drivel about topics I’m otherwise very interested in day in and day out.


is not the Flash content I’m looking for, Google, for the love of fuck. Like, shit, I love that show, that actor, and people who are woke, but I really couldn’t give half a shit about the actors’ goddamn social media presence.

Also, stop spoiling major character deaths/actor changes in shows in pushed notifications in my topics of interest, pls.

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I feel dirty.

You did better than me, I never did get a reply. I like to think it was because I sent it from my old y*hoo account and it got spam filtered.

Yup. I’ve played 5, I like 5, but the AI can’t play 5 so it has no legs in terms of challenge for me. I haven’t tried 6, because I keep hearing the exact same about it. For 1UPT titles, Gladius (the Warhammer 40K one) is king.

Also, hi @anachron13, welcome to the forum!

Well this got trollish quickly lol 😂

The two best civ games are the ones that had era-appropriate clothing and civil wars. It’s been downhill since.

The two extremes of CivVI play seem to either be an accessible grand-4x game or a min-maxing race to beat deity AI to your target objective. I had a lot of fun with the accessible 4x when I was learning the game, and I still find the occasional urge to take on deity puzzle game.

But in between those two extremes is a conceptual quagmire. Focusing on 4x approaches like mixed arms and economic synergies is less important than rushing the tech tree and timing production to maximize chops. A big part of playing on the higher difficulties is the discipline to ignore marginally effective systems and just lean heavily into the mechanic you’ve chosen to win with.

The best civ games are the ones where my people would build me a palace.

Also ones where it would save your fucking high score.

Yes! I miss both of those things.