I just set a new record for time-to-uninstall in Civilization VI

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Ah yes, the old “Google News Feed in Non-native Language” Theory. Totally makes sense.

Edit: to be clear @anachron13 I’m making fun of how google apparently spammed a random qt3 story into a bunch of news feeds. Not making fun of you. Welcome.

TBH i would also be curious to know how the Google algorithm ended with a suggestion for this specific story.

@Chappers : Merci

I am guessing it must be because of @tomchick’s knack with languages that foreign Google has embraced him so willingly.

I mean, my son got this pushed to him and he doesn’t post here (although he is in several Civ-related online communities)

Could be a mix of subject matter + the Google AI picking up on a controversial (and therefore click-baity) headline.

The Google Assistant News Feed swipe to the far left homescreen thing is obnoxiously efficient at surfacing the most idiotic clickbait drivel about topics I’m otherwise very interested in day in and day out.


is not the Flash content I’m looking for, Google, for the love of fuck. Like, shit, I love that show, that actor, and people who are woke, but I really couldn’t give half a shit about the actors’ goddamn social media presence.

Also, stop spoiling major character deaths/actor changes in shows in pushed notifications in my topics of interest, pls.

How sweet. @arrendek has a new friend. :)

I feel dirty.

You did better than me, I never did get a reply. I like to think it was because I sent it from my old y*hoo account and it got spam filtered.

Yup. I’ve played 5, I like 5, but the AI can’t play 5 so it has no legs in terms of challenge for me. I haven’t tried 6, because I keep hearing the exact same about it. For 1UPT titles, Gladius (the Warhammer 40K one) is king.

Also, hi @anachron13, welcome to the forum!

Well this got trollish quickly lol 😂

The two best civ games are the ones that had era-appropriate clothing and civil wars. It’s been downhill since.

The two extremes of CivVI play seem to either be an accessible grand-4x game or a min-maxing race to beat deity AI to your target objective. I had a lot of fun with the accessible 4x when I was learning the game, and I still find the occasional urge to take on deity puzzle game.

But in between those two extremes is a conceptual quagmire. Focusing on 4x approaches like mixed arms and economic synergies is less important than rushing the tech tree and timing production to maximize chops. A big part of playing on the higher difficulties is the discipline to ignore marginally effective systems and just lean heavily into the mechanic you’ve chosen to win with.

The best civ games are the ones where my people would build me a palace.

Also ones where it would save your fucking high score.

Yes! I miss both of those things.

wanna ask. Does someone have connection problems in online civ game at epic store?

This thread is hilarious to me (Outsiders! How dare they!), but it made me realize that I actually do not own one of the series, Civ 4, and some believe it is the best of the series. I’m correcting this horrifying oversight immediately, so a big fat THANKS for bringing it to my attention!

Hope you like the base game! Civ IV was really easy to mod, too. My favorite mods are Fall From Heaven 2, which is an epic fantasy setting, and Dune Wars Revival, where you’re on Dune and the spice must flow.

Ha, thanks, but currently $20, and I just can’t do that for such an old game. I hope for a sale. Any discount will do. :)

I think the most common way folks come here is being angry over TBS games, whether it’s Civ 5 or 6, or Elemental War of Magic.

Not just those. I actually joined to call Tom a feelthy noob casual over not giving Doom Eternal 5 stars.

Though I did, naturally, do it in a debonair and elegant manner which… I’ve probably undermined by making this post.