I love Lego


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So this thread has inspired to try to pick up some Lego. I am thinking at this stage just to trawl eBay for some bulk lot auctions. Nothing fancy, just bulk lots of regular type bricks. But, boy does this stuff seem to hold its value!

Anyone have any idea what would be considered a median price per kg (or lbs) for bulk Lego lots? Would it be better just to buy mixed bulk lots from one of the online stores?



There’s a scan of some catalog page for the early 2014 super hero LEGO sets, and there’s a MODOK!


I wish they had Ogre (Steve Jackson) models for sale


It appears that you can actually do a decent job with existing pieces. I had no idea there were ball turrets in Lego now, I gather they’re from Star Wars kits.

There’s a petition page for that model.


Yes, I signed the petition a long time ago, probably when I did the Ogre Kickstarter.


This was my first exposure to Cuusoo. If someone does a pretty decent job with existing parts, it would be nice if the Cuusoo page included a breakdown of those parts, so you could either go to one of those individual part sites or look at the source kits. The ball turrets weren’t that hard to find, but I imagine a lot of the other parts, such as the sloping pieces in the spire, would be difficult because there’s no obvious keyword.


I wish they would display the pieces used and instructions to build. There is a lot of stuff I would buy if that were so.


Well, I finally purchased the Lego Christmas Village and had fun building it. I am thinking about making it a tradition to purchase one of the bigger sets (Pet Store) etc each year to add to our yearly decorations.

Is the VIP program worth it? Does the online Lego store include free shipping? I could buy sets on Amazon and have them shipped for free using Prime but if the online Lego store does ship stuff for free then the VIP would make sense for the points.

Anyone have any favorite sets that were fun to build?

I guess I am getting ready for any future grandchildren, though that is probably way down the road (that is my excuse anyhow to play with Legos again - just practicing honey - laugh)!


Free shipping is occasionally offered as a promo by the LEGO store, but isn’t a normal thing. If you’re only buying a set a year (basically), you probably won’t get a ton of benefit out of VIP points. While $1 does earn you 1 point, 100 points = $5. Occasionally there are offers of bonus points, early access to sets, some fairly small exclusive sets (think something you’d pay $10 retail for) and the like. I joined back when it wasn’t unusual to drop several hundred to a grand during our annual visit to the store at Downtown Disney, but since that ended many years ago it hasn’t done all that much for me.

As for favorite sets… 5571, 4184 and 4195 or well, any pirate ship or castle (I also have a thing for aircraft and construction vehicles. I’m versatile, I guess). Also, a sentimental childhood favorite would be 383 :) The largish Technic sets like 8043 are a ton of fun. I’m currently drooling over/lusting after 42009.

You mentioned the pet store. All of the Cafe Corner “modular” sets are very well done with a ton of nice of detail techniques.


Yeah, what Calelari said. You’re effectively earning 5% back when you purchase from Lego with the VIP program. I believe $75 or more qualifies for free shipping with Lego. There are usually promotions that include some small set or polybag with a certain order amount, sometimes the free shipping threshold is low, and they typically run double VIP points in October, and sometimes other one-day specials.

So it’s definitely worth signing up for the VIP program to get the emails about deals and the points when you can’t find something on sale elsewhere, but if you see a sale anywhere else that’s more than 5%, go for it.

The modular buildings are freaking awesome. I have the Fire Brigade (10197) and Grand Emporium (10211) right now. There’s also the Pet Shop (10218), Town Hall (10224), and Palace Cinema (10232) available right now. They seem to add a new one each year, and the first two (Cafe Corner and Green Grocer) were out of production before I got back into Lego. I’m occasionally tempted to pick them up used, but they’re really expensive. I don’t really know the schedule for when they discontinue them, but based on the order they were released, I would guess the Fire Brigade will be the next one discontinued, so if you’re not picky, start there.


Also http://instagram.com/p/iC6-pkqJri/


How are the Lego trains? Do they actually move? Just curious! :)


Of course! Just type in “lego train” on youtube to see examples.


My roommate politely tolerates the surface area in the house my Lego takes up now, please don’t get me interested in trains.


A Simpsons/LEGO collaboration has slowly moved from rumor to reality over the last year or so with the official unveiling of The Simpson’s House:

The link has many more photos of the interior and closeups.

Sounds like this might be the only actual Simpsons construction set, though there’s also a line of Simpsons Collectable Minifigures being released around the same time. $200 (US) is too much for me to spring for it with all the other LEGO stuff ahead of it on my wish list, but it looks like a great set.


That looks much better than I expected, but yeah, I’m not sure if I’ll get it because of the price. I still have other big ticket items to get like the Death Star and the new UCS X-Wing set.




I stayed up far, far too late to place an order for one of these bad boys (and one for my oldest son). It was supposed to be a midnight EST launch but it ended up being on sale at around 12:40 EST. My wife just looks at me like I’m crazy, but this sucker is beautiful, is it not?


That’s pretty nice. However, I am unable to look at the green astronauts without thinking SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP!


Hah, I stayed up till midnight, it didn’t go on sale then, so I decided I’d order in the morning. From what I gathered later on some Lego sites, it sounds like it almost immediately went from not available yet to “Out of stock, expected ship date…” and then a date somewhere between mid-August and September. It was rumored that this was going to be a single production run, so that’s got me a little worried, but at 6:00 am EST it still let me order two of them with an “Out of stock, expected ship date August 15” warning. So, fingers crossed.

I also ordered the Ecto-1, which I hadn’t gotten around to yet, and the Research Institute (a.k.a. the “Female Minifigures Set”), which just went on sale today as well.