I Love Owning Effed Up MoBos!

Okay, kids, it’s been like a month since my last barrage of idiotic TECH SUPPORRRRT (<–Vanilla Sky: funniest Tom Cruise film since Risky Business) questions.

Here’s one: Maybe once every 10 or 20 times I bewt up my gaming rig, the one I borked my old mobo with after ass-cramming a BFG 7800GT OC in a dinky eMachines shitcan, it fails to boot at all, with a one-off BEEEEEP (checked mobo book, it fails to mention what any warning beeps mean, unlike any other effing mobo manual I have ever read) repeated until I do a hard shutdown. Then, it sez Safe Mode! Please resetting (no really, that’s what it says, verbatim) CPU Frequency! So, uh, I dunno. It’s already at the lowest freek setting, am I supposed to bump it up although the stupid CMOS Help text is all OMG ADJUSTING CPU FREEKS WILL KILL YOUR PC WE WARNED YOU? in its own inimitable pidgin Engrish?

Per CPU-Z I gots:

AMD Athlon 64 3400+ ECS nForce-A754 (I know, I know - but zis new house of mine, it costs money, and nobody told me it would cost all this money) PCI Express Linkwidth x16 (at x16).
1 gig of DDR-SDRAM
Audigy 2ZS Platinum Flatten 'em
BFG 7800GT OC (I get GPU temps of 65+ running a game per Powerstrip, is that bad?)
300Gig HD
SilverstoneTek TJ06 case
Antec 430W power supply
RAID, SATA: Greek terms to me!

I have all these gaywad timing measurements per CEEPUZ:

Freq: 201.0 MHz
CAS# Latency: 3.0 clocks
RAS to CAS Delay: 3 clox
RAS PRecharge: 3 clox
Cycle Time:(Tras) 8 clox
Trc: 11 clox
DRAM Idle Timer: 12 clox

And, like, stuff. Mobo Monitor points and laughs at my impotent little 754 socketed penis - rather it does not list my mobo on its supported list.

Please help! The sooner you do, the sooner I can start writing in my blog! (First piece: “The Last Vegas Family”)

this might be caused by a weak cmos battery on your motherboard. That thing that looks like an oversized watch battery. Which it is.

I’d like to flaunt my restraint for not responding with something like: