I need a second 360 controller

Ok, I’ve had my 360 for a while now, but Halo3 is on the way and this is the first game my wife REALLY wants to play with me. She loved the first Halo.

So, I need a second controller. Now Wal-Mart has the wireless for $50 but Amazon has it for 40. That seems like a good option, but I’m not clear on the wireless issue. Since they are both wireless, will there be a problem recognizing which is which? Will I need to do some weird installation thing?

Also, should I get an official controller or is there some cheaper knockoff that’s just as good? Note that this second controller probably won’t get a whole lot of use. My wife prefers watching me play to joining me, but I don’t want her to suck at Halo3 just because the controller is lousy either.

I would just order it from Amazon. AFAIK there are no third party wireless controllers so you are stuck with the offical one which isn’t a bad thing mind you.

Pairing the controller is very easy.

Installing additional wireless controllers consists of this:

  • Turning on the second controller.
  • Pushing the synch button on the console and controller.

Cool. I figured they would make it easy, but I just hadn’t paid any attention to it because I didn’t think I would ever get a second controller, to be honest. Thanks for the help.

Buy.com has the pink and blue ones on on sale. That was my first Christmas purchase for my girl.

thanks for that tip. I’ve been looking for the right way to say that I encourage my wife’s TF2 habit.