I offer my services

Topic getting out of hand. Too many threads. Too boring… Let me help I offer my topic ending services for a resonable price ask me today about my various packages

  1. EWR topic ender
  2. Magic workstation topic ender.
  3. Or my special deal on obscure game I stumbled across

Guarenteed to end any discusion on the board!

I was going to berate you for being a newbie and not having any right to notice how boring this place has gotten, but then I noticed that you are a long-time lurker and decided against it.


look at all my posts and notice how many topics end with my posts ;)

ah, but can you end this one?

I think the fact that he started it means it ill keep limping along forever.

You forgot to mention “Amazingly Immature Topic Ender”

eg: " Reply to this thread if you want to have Romero for a bride, lol,
I R teh hax0r"

eggh, I’m bored.