Ian Holm (1931-2020)

He’s had a good run (88 years and such), but I’ll miss him. Such a versatile presence.

A quick glance at his filmography is recommended because sometimes it’s easy to forget in how many classics he’s been involved beyond the ones everybody knows off-hand.

He’ll always be a goddamn robot to me. RIP

I’ll always think of him as Napoleon from Time Bandits.

For me he’s Father Vito Cornelius. Rest in peace.

What an amazing actor, often the best thing in every film he was in.

I’m particularly fond of his performances in The Big Night, in Branagh’s Henry V, and of course Alien.

Wow, what a legend. I loved him in LotR and From Hell.

Not Bilbo! I just finished reading the Hobbit to my kid last night.

This one hurt a surprising amount. He always seemed like such a just good guy. Versatile, very funny, could play menacing really well too.

Seriously, his portrayal of Napoleon in that movie was so savagely brilliant, it probably could’ve restarted the 100 Years War all by itself.

“Thees ees da best theeng to 'appen to mee since thiz 'ole campaign.”

“That’s what I like! More of the leetle people, hitting each othair!”

An amazing actor with such range, RIP.

Funny though, for all the storied roles the first thing that always comes to mind is the Fifth Element, which he’s also fantastic in.

Yikes, looking at IMDB, his first acting credit there is from 1957.

It is not an easy movie to watch, but if you’re an Ian Holm fan I do highly recommend checking out The Sweet Hereafter.

Never saw this, will remedy it when I am off from work again.
RIP Ian Holm, loved you as Bilbo.

On the commentary track of the DVD for Time Bandits, Terry Gilliam mentions that he actually had to leave the set during the filming of Ian Holm’s Napoleon scenes. Gilliam kept ending up howling with uncontrollable laughter throughout, and it kept fouling up the takes.



Really enjoyed him in many movies.

I came here to recommend this. The Sweet Hereafter is a marvelous film.

I’ll third The Sweet Hereafter as maybe being his best performance. He’s the lead in it, which is somewhat atypical both for him and for an elderly actor. He’s also great in another lowkey indie called Joe Gould’s Secret (directed by and starring Stanley Tucci) from the same era.

I’ll do you one better, I’d never heard of it before this thread.

The most iconic role for Ian Holm for me is Alien. Seeing his head with the white goop around it, hooked up with wires. RIP.