IBM hires Theodore Rex DX

No shit!

Sigh, alas for the bygone bananas and nuts…

Science. Once again proving that the physical laws which govern our universe are nothing more than inconveniences.

i miss theodore rex dx

Let’s all drill holes in our CPUs in his honor.

I’ve also welded my car hood shut.

I plan to honor his memory by dying in hell, shitting.

I’m picking up a new hacksaw blade on my way home to start cutting my gun barrels in half. Lengthwise, of course.

IBM’s semiconductor scientists kick all sorts of ass. I really like those guys.

I’ve chewed my hand into a claw.

This thread is further proof that Theodore Rex DX is an inexhaustible spring of unintentional comedy.

So who is Theodore Rex DX?

On the topic at hand this is really pretty cool, and goes against established thinking in chip design. The part that is really interesting is that they can retrofit to past designs. I wouldn’t have thought that to be worth the effort.

Where to even begin.

Do a forum search. While your at it, you might as well look up conveyor belts, and boys in windows.

I had forgetton, perhaps deliberately, about those threads. I take it he’s gone then?