iBook RAM upgrade

I want to upgrade the 512 MB of RAM my iBook G4 came with to a full gig. Does anybody have any experience with doing Mac RAM upgrades on their own? I hate the highway robbery rates of the Apple Stores.

you can buy your own ram and install it yourself according to the info on apple’s own site or many other DIY mac sites online, though sd-ram is pretty expensive these days.

there were many different models of ibooks, need to find out which ones yours specifically is and what you need to upgrade it with.


Sorry, I haven’t, although the instructions at http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/ make it seem like it’s not too fiddly and difficult a task. Good luck!

Holy cow, you’re not kidding!

$150 for 512 MB, $300 for 1 Gig Apple Prices

$40 and $130 at the ifixit site udarnik linked.

Do RAM upgrades still have to match or is that a just a bad memory (no pun intended) from the past?

So… I have 512 built-in, do I have to limit the upgrade to a 512 stick for a total of 1 Gig or could I slap a 1 Gig stick in for a total of 1.5 Gigs?