ID this comic book character for me

Maybe a 2000 AD character (I think I’ve seen it through Eagle Comics reprints of 2000 AD’s stuff).
Guy has a huge red button on his chest with “Press Me” labeled around it.
Has an axe for a hand I believe.
No legs, but a floats on a metallic cylinder that is wider at its base.
Possibly an eye patch (or a bionic eye or something).
Paired with a young female character, with red hair maybe.

On the tip of my brain.

My formulations of the same search terms, give or take, failed.

“Axel Pressbutton” for the curious.

This thread is now the first hit for that google search. Recursion for the win!

History: Axel was a mild-mannered botanist who had been three-quarters devoured by Vegan Green Fungus. Vegan Green Fungus is a sentient, telepathic and extremely well-mannered carnivorous plant, and the experience of being slowly devoured by a plant that kept telling him how grateful it was, how delicious he was and how much it was enjoying the experience snapped his mind. He became psychotic, with an irrational hatred of plants and vegetables. His working name comes from the large button on his chest, which is wired directly into his brain’s pleasure centres as a way of compensating for his loss.


They really need to rethink the classification of that plant.