ID3 tagger

Looking for a freeware program that lets me batch edit ID3 tags, preferably one able to change file names to match the tags (I have way to many 11.mp3 files that I can only identify by their folder). Any recommendations?

The Godfather has quite a bunch of tagging options.

I enjoy MP3 Tag Tools.

How’s this for an evil virus: Infects a computer, removed all ID3 tags from all MP3 files.

Tag & Rename is the best application I’ve used for this purpose by far.

I don’t want to think about it. I figure re-tagging all my MP3 files would take as much time as it would take do to a complete re-install of windows, possibly longer, so don’t you be giving virus makers any ideas. :evil:

It wouln’t be a problem if you filenames and directory structure contains the pertinent information. What I hate is when people post MP3s on the net with names like 01.mp3 and NO tag information! Retards… All my MP3s are oranized as follows: ".\Artist\Album\TN - Title.mp3 and have full ID3 v 1 AND 2 tags.

Sure, but it would still take a bloody long time if you wanted to re-tag your MP3’s, without that directory structure/filenames it would be impossible so you might as well not try at all.