If you can play this, you are God. (Hellsinker)

I made a search and it seems it was never mentioned, so I guess it’s worth pointing out.

This should be without a doubt the most insane shootemup ever made, obviously Japanese and made for the “underground” scene by some group or guy.

It’s insane enough to get a page on TvTropes and I found it looking for “Mind Screws”:

Hellsinker is visually and musically very surreal, but the plot is even stranger than any of the gameplay would lead a player to believe. The full version of the game contains hidden poems, loads of cryptic Japanese text, Morse Code messages in the title screen, flashing screens in between levels and during bosses, distorted voices and all sorts of fun things to spend time decrypting. It’s pretty much House of Leaves: The Game.
Not sure I can link the actual game or if it has a commercial release. It can be found anyway…

There’s a nice guide here if one dares challenge it: http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?t=26334

The game is noteworthy not just for being the helliest of bullet hell, but because it also has some very complex mechanics going on for an almost unlimited depth. It’s like an allegory for life. There’s also a website all in japanese with LOADS of text, schemes and rules, hinting that there’s a rather huge mythology behind it as well…

This seems pretty cool.

I’ve never been able to handle bullet hell games. Part of that probably stems from me having almost no exposure to side and top-scrolling shooters in the past, so this is a whole genre I can’t even lay my hands on. Admittedly, the non-game aspects of this one certainly sound interesting and I’d very much like to try the game regardless of what I just said.

On the game’s website (?) http://www.hellsinker.net , there’s a link to amazon.co.jp where it’s for sale. - unfortunately, only for shipping in Japan. (according to Google Translate)

And after some clicking through, I found a trial download page, with direct download link http://f36.aaa.livedoor.jp/~escape/hs/hs_tr_02.exe . So there’s that.

It looks cool, and the laid-back techno soundtrack sounds nice, but I’m not sure I should be trying this.

Hellsinker? Isn’t that the capitol of Finland?