IGN gives Full Spectrum Warrior a 9.2

Basically they say “it rocks in every way, but there are some ways it doesn’t even try to rock, and it should.” i.e. the reviewer wants tanks and in-building sniping. If that’s all he can complain about, I’m sold!

I keep telling myself not to get new games before I finish the old ones. Problem is I get only one gaming night a week, i.e. about 5 hours of gaming per week total, and I’m only about 3/8 done with Gladius… so maybe I’ll be playing Full Spectrum Warrior in September or so :-)

Anyone else tried it yet?

OK fine, so I missed the other FSW thread. Sue me!!! At least this one puts the review score right in the subject, which is always good for a little pot-stirring :-D

Controlling vehicles within the FSW model isn’t really that compelling. Keep in mind that you aren’t actually walking a character around the screen. It’s essentially the equivalent of pointing to a spot and saying, “Hey, Alpha. Move here.”

It struck me as odd that the reviewer said he wanted to drive the tank, but he never really thought about what that might mean. “Hey, Abrams. Move there.” :-)

The same guy did their Riddick review. I did not think either was well written.


Why on earth would a light infantry squad leader be telling an M1A1 tank commander who outranks him to go anywhere?

Keep in mind that you aren’t actually walking a character around the screen.

Actually you can take control of an individual soldier and walk him around with the analogue sticks. But yes, I agree that driving tanks really wouldn’t fit.

Nope. You can’t. You can move the camera to an individual soldier, but you can’t move the soldier at all. In early versions (and the Army version), you could use a command called “nudge,” which let you move him a few feet in any direction. That may be what you’re thinking of, but it’s not in the commercial version.

Trust me. I know. :-)

Ah, they removed that feature? I was remembering it from one of the gameplay demonstration movies (I think it was from last year’s E3?). Can you still tell individual soldiers to cover certain directions?

Guess I should check out some of the more recent movies.

Press and hold the trigger (same as the trigger that shows the fog of war) and while still holding it, use the D-pad to select a soldier. Give a fire order while the trigger is still depressed, and you are giving an order to that soldier rather than the whole fireteam.