Illwinter (Dominions dev) announces its new.... floor plan generator.


Illwinter announced today that its next release will be a floor plan generator titled “Illwinter’s Floorplan Generator.,” obviously for PnP RPGs.

  • About 50 different terrain types to choose from
  • Some icons included for the most common objects, e.g. doors, stairs, tables, beds, trees, bushes, pentagram
  • Color maps or old school black and white style
  • Adjacent terrains interact automatically to create jagged edges, smooth transitions and shadows when necessary
  • Random fractals used to create shapes for cave walls, rivers and other non regular terrains
  • Create a multi-page pdf with the dungeon divided into pages suitable for printing
  • Configurable square and paper sizes, (default is 1 inch squares on A4 pages)
  • Outdoor and dungeon shadows with configurable strength
  • Export to your favorite paint program for finishing touches
  • Import your own icons

No release date.

The fascinating part is how it got started… from their Facebook page:


Uh… delayed April Fools by any chance?

If not, it’s… uh… not what I expected. ;)


Hmm. Pretty cool for fiddling around with, I guess.


I <3 Illwinter. Someone bump @ArmandoPenblade, this looks up his alley!


Well floors ain’t gonna generate themselves I suppose.


Hmmm… methinks not, as it would be two days late. But you never know!


Dang, a new roguelike by Illwinter could have been awesome!

That or some sort of simulation like Dwarf Fortress or Rimworld, but in the Dominions universe.

Still, the Floorplan Generator does look pretty neat although I am not sure I would find a use for it right away.


Oh man this is fantastic. Sure wish I’d had something like this in the leadup to my GMing experience with the RPG Book Club. . .


I wish I had a local PnP group to play with. I have gone to a few local gaming stores, but all they have these days are collectible card trading stuff and dice (which is odd because they are not used for collectible card trading stuff).


Ever checked your local That’s how I fell in with the large PnP collective I mostly game with these days. RTR is about, uh. . . *checks* 1300 members strong (not all active by any means, but there’s probably at least a couple hundred of us engaged in any given month). Thanks to that group, I’ve run two and a half successful campaigns, played in a couple more, and done all sorts of fun one-shots and social meetups (hell, the “Raleigh Friendship Lunch Series” light networking/hangout monthly meetups I started here this year, up to 70 people, mostly drew on my RTR connections initially).

Dunno, I get that I’m pretty lucky to have the wealth of tabletop riches that I do here in Raleigh, but I think you can find similar stuff going on in most similarly sized areas.


Get your mops and brooms! Arriving on May 18.



I’m not even sure why…


I feel the same. Maybe it will turn in Dominions 5.


Ditto, except that I’m exactly sure why. RPG maps ahoyyyyyy


I bought this, as did a couple GM friends locally. I haven’t gotten to dig in, but the ones that have are really enjoying it a lot :-D


Getting closer to 1.0:

We are working on getting version 1.0 finished and have IFG leave early access. The next release might be 1.0 or maybe we’ll do a pre-release in early access first.

These are the new things to expect in the next release:

Diagonal edge walls
Floor elevation levels (to get height differences on the battle map)
Multiple levels of undo
Color filter for floors (for colored rooms)
Copy & paste areas
More icons
Automatic conversion from color dungeon to black & white
A bunch of bug fixes

I’ve been using this to map out my dungeon delving in the solo rpg-lite gamebook Four Against Darkness. Here’s my latest:


Awesome! I gotta try that game.


Oh snap, that is a great idea!


Today the Illwinter chaps hit 1.0.

Almost one year after IFG’s early access started the floorplan generator is now at version 1.0 and is being released for real. Notable new features are elevation levels for floors, automatic conversion of colored dungeons to black and white style, diagonal edge walls and new icons and terrains.

There are many changes for icons in version 1.0 compared to the early access version and old save files might load with incorrect or misplaced icons. A little tweaking of the icons can be required for some old maps to look ok again.



Can adjust elevation levels for floors in dungeon
Text support
Auto convert to Black & White (ctrl-j)
Diagonal edge walls
Multi level undo/redo (ctrl-z & ctrl-y)
Copy & paste for terrain
Square floor color filter
Show pencil area for large pencils
New icons and terrains
Performance improvements
New file menu
Can save default PNG export path
Backspace also works as Delete
White background behind BW icons
B&W icon category shown last, but before user made categories
Transparency on mimic window icon
New button icons for map editor tools
Fix for double bottom line in icons
Use file name as dungeon title by default
Print side numbers in pdf
Subfolders for Black & White icons
Can change between windows drives in file selector
File selector for save floorplan
Remember last directory for export PNG
Fix for starting external programs in windows
Increased maximum number of terrains 100 -> 200
New command line option: --export
Terrain __l = only no shadow
Terrain __c = draw below other things
Brighter tool highlight
Renaming and reorganization of many icons


I’m skeptical the colored maps will actually look good when printed on paper. Maybe I have just had too many bad experiences with printers? On a computer screen they look pretty nice, though.