I'm getting a house!

So, we’ve had an offer accepted on a house. A brand-new house, actually. After I pick the bare minimum of options (thank you home builder for putting the appliance model numbers on the option sheet!), we should be good to move in in about 2 month.

Then my wife and I will take all the furniture in our apartment and see how much empty space we have – we’re nearly doubling the amount of space.

Any advice from the Groupthink?

Need more info! Is it landscaped, or do you have to landscape? How handy are you? If “moderately” or better, you’re going to be visiting Home Depot constantly for a while setting your home up. Buy some nice tools and a good cordless drill with screw bits–it will save you tons of time. Come up with a plan for each room, and buy furniture and accessories that match that plan’s style. Have a good idea what sort of window coverings you’ll be using–blinds and Queen Anne don’t work well together.

Etc. etc. etc.

grats. Don’t let MS get you down.

That is excellent news.

Buy one of those tools that allows you to find the pipes and cables running through your walls before you start drilling holes all over the place.

Congrats! Pics plz.

Soundproofing your basement with extra insulation can be useful for all kinds of …hobbies.

Also, don’t forget to christen each room within 24 hours for good luck.

Did you check out the construction company that built your house? Is it a standalone construction or is your entire neighborhood a new house? I guess it’s too late to ask those questions.

Get a raise. If anything breaks, it’s your responsibility to fix it now. :-(

But in all seriousness – congratulations! This is a big deal, and I’m sure you and your wife will be very happy there.

This is the only chance you will ever have to set up your speakers correctly. Make all the measurements and place everything BEFORE your wife puts any furniture anywhere. Otherwise it’ll be, “Honey, we HAVE to put the end table there, and the lamp matches the end table, and the speakers don’t match the lamp,” and you’ll be hosed forever.

LOL. It never ends.

He already bought it, leave him alone.

I need details to evaluate further. And unless he paid cash, he didn’t buy diddly, he’s just renting from the bank. Sorry.

In capitalist societies, we like to call this activity “buying”.

Easy credit ripoffs – Good Times!!


Ain’t we lucky we got 'em…Good tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimes, yeah-eah

If the house isn’t completely finished yet, get the builder to install speaker wire from where you want the stereo to where you want the speakers.

Here’s the pic.

No basement (this is California). Good company building it. Front is landscaped, rear isn’t. Too far along in construction for in-wall speaker wiring.

Midnight Son is being ignored.

I already have a cordless drill, and my boss gave me a circular saw for a wedding present that will come in handly. A studfinder sounds like a good idea.

Damn. Why didn’t you buy mine?

Hey, congrats! Love the bay windows in the front.