"I'm gonna buy a PC" advice thread #6,452,817,562

OK, I want the cheapest possible gaming PC. HL2 WoW Farcry etc. are calling my name. My current thought is to hit up CyberPowerSystem.com for a $550 AMD 64 machine.

Specs would be 512/80/ AMD 64 2800/ dvdrom/ geforce 128 with tv out/ nvidia mobo

So, does anyone know of a place that could built this sort of system for $500 or under? I’d rather not build it myself, if possible…

I’m just looking for a link, here.

Edit: cyberpowersystem.com. Sorry, the s at the end of systems fucked up the original post.

I’m not sure if you can beat the price, by try mucking about on www.americancomputech.com for a bit. Also, I went to cyberpowersystems.com and all they had for sale was UPS’s…

cyberpowersystem.com (singular) not cyberpowersystems.com (plural)


If you want to run those games decently, you should consider getting another 512MB of RAM.

Otherwise, you should be fine.

Thanks Steve.

Now reply to my damn pitch!

The video card is just a MX-400. You will really, really, really need to get a fully DX9 compliant card (Radenon 9600+ or Nvidia 6000+)

It also doesn’t have a DVD drive

Yeah, don’t buy any graphics cards labled “MX”. No matter how tight your budget is, if you’re building a gaming PC, you’ll be really disappointed to skimp on the graphics card. You don’t have to go top of the line, but pretty much any graphics card under $100 is trash, especially if you plan to play the games you listed.

I’ve heard very good things about these guys.

I am building a computer for my grandmother, who doesn’t game, but I visit often, so I’d like it to be capable of entertaining me. I’ve found this thread to be very helpful; thanks for the link to cyberpower!

By the way, looks like they’re having a special on certain systems through May 30th.

What strikes me as odd is that the Athlon-64 processor systems turn out to be cheaper than the comparable P4 systems.

Is there some kind of voodoo scariness involved with a 64-bit system that I, the future admin of the machine, will have to worry about? Should I go for it and hope she appreciates having a 64-bit bus? Would it require a 64-bit operating system to function well?

Install a 32-bit OS for compatibility (you don’t want to worry about getting
the one soundcard that works etc.), and you’ll have a faster system than
same clock frequency <insert any pre-64-bit AMD CPU>. Risk a 64-bit
OS for access to “64-bit magic” and larger registers for a tad more oomph.

Coupled with a cheap GeForce (Ti+ or FX5900+), it’ll be a pretty nice
all-round system. Get a socket 939 based if you can get it cheap.

(Socket 939 has twice the memory bandwidth - Intel’s best did only
manage a measly 4 gigabytes per second in an Anandtech test, while
AMD64 S939 could push 6 gigs, which is close to the theoretical 6.4GB/s.
Not that grandma will ever appreciate the difference, but if you’re going to
use it…big numbers feel good :) )

I’ve bought two systems from cyberpower with almost no issues. You just have to know what your ordering there because the amount of options they give can be overwhelming.

Don’t buy a PC! I heard the next generation consoles will be able to do everything for you! Trust… them!

Careful there. On May 31, they’ll change that date to June 1. One June 2 they’ll change that date to June 4.

The sale never actually ends.

I agree that one should avoid anything labelled “MX”, but am more careful about that price limit. I’ve got an AMD64-3200 with 1Gb and can run everything at great frame rates at 1024x768 resolutions: HL2, Doom3, FarCry, etc. However, my video card is a three year old Radeon 9500 Pro with 128 megs. It certainly isn’t top of the line, but he’s building a budget box and this card runs $100 on pricewatch even now. He could cut it down another $20 if he’s willing to have only 64 megs in it (although that would drastically affect performance in modern games).

If price is a big problem, swap out the MX with a Radeon 9550 or 9600 pro, or non pro.

I still have a 9600 non-pro and can still game quite well.

Don’t get an FX, though. Those have crappy DX9 support in HL2

If anyone’s buying a new system, there’s little reason to buy one of those older cards as an $80 GeForce 6200 or ATI X300 outperforms a 9500 or 9600.

I had a good experience with Monarch Computer, although their delivery estimation time was a little “optimistic.” (I think my computer was a week or two late.) Nonetheless, I had a memory problem three months later, and they handled that well. And like gnmarsh said about cybercomputers, you need to know what you want, cuz there’s a bajillion options.

I haven’t had the chance to play with any pc’s since they hit the gigahertz level. Are there still issues with motherboard components fighting with pci and agp stuff? On-board video on one of those nVidia cheapo motherboards gonna conflict with the agp slot? What about sound.

And Am I gonna be safe with buying a machine with no floppy? Can PC’s actually boot off of CD/DVD drives now?