I'm gonna make corndogs for Dave Long next week

But only if he lets me!

A game based on cornholing AHEM THE NONSEXUAL TAILGATING PASTIME is a perfect fit STOP LAUGHING for the Wii. Not surprisingly, I like the Vegas/poker variation mentioned.

OK, one last joke: Vegas cornhole poker. Come on, that’s awesome.

This actually reminded me of other games that would probably work well, such as Skeeball and other arcade/midway, non-video games. Anything like that out there?

Are you threatening me?

“Everyone’s laughing, and riding, and cornholing except Buster”


It’s non sexual but still involves tailgating? At least the article made no mention of spit roasting or my entendre detector might just have exploded.

Yeah, Cornhole is very popular in Cincinnati. When I first moved here, my wife and I were driving around and we passed a bar that had the sign “CORNHOLE AND $1 BEER NIGHT”

I insisted we keep driving.

That line is so awesome. Man, I really miss that show.

Sorry, Tom :(

Wow, reading that student website gives me even more reason to believe Cincinnati is the, um, cornhole of America.

Aw man, I want cornhole and $1 beer. That would be frickin’ sweet!

Except OSU is in Columbus, not Cincinnati.

Haha! I’ve actually seen variations of that on several bar marquees around town and always make the same joke.

While cornhole is a big midwestern thing, it seems doubly popular in Cincinnati. You can’t attend a company picnic or back yard BBQ without an impromtu cornhole tournament being organized. I admit, at first I was skeptical, it’s basically horseshoes with beanbags, but after playing a couple of times I was a believer. It’s so much fun that my wife actually bought me a set for Christmas a couple of years ago, not the cheap plastic kind, but the big wooden boxes with our college logos painted on them (Miami for her, UC for me).

Plus, way safer than Lawn Darts! (and still playable while moderately inebriated)

yeah, I’ve been involved in corporate fund raisers where you paid to enter a cornhole tournament. Sounds so wrong, but feels so right.

You fail at life bill, thread would be funnier with the title of “I’m gonna cornhole Dave Long next week”

This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!

I love that line.