I'm in Heaven

I bought Music of Mass Destruction on Thursday. For those not in the know, this is the new Anthrax live CD/DVD. It’s the best $17.99 you can spend on music so far this year. My God… they joke at the beginning of the DVD about creating a mosh pit in your living room and I’ll tell you right now, I just about did it by my fucking self.

This is an incredible show that they put on film. There’s a little bit too much quick cutting with cameras but it really doesn’t hold it back at all. If you appreciate any of Anthrax’ material, from the early thrash to the sophisticated traditional metal on what I think is arguably their greatest CD yet, last year’s We’ve Come For You All, then you absolutely owe it to yourself and to THEM to go buy this thing. You get so much for your money and the sheer love of music, metal and the fans stomps across you like the wall of zombies conjured up in your imagination by the opening song, What Doesn’t Die.

For technical music fans, you will be utterly amazed at Charlie Benante’s drumming. The guy must have bionic legs. When he closes out Nobody Knows Anything, it’s sheer brilliance. Of course Scott Ian may be the best rhythm guitarist in the history of heavy metal and new lead Rob Caggiano has some incredible solo work here. John Bush is just the kind of front man this band demanded when they made the switch years ago.

I get charged up about stuff like this a few times a year. So charged up I’ve gotta post it here on the music forum. This is one of those times. I DARE all of you to watch this and not be completely floored, obviously if you’re a fan of metal anyway.

I’m just not even close to fucking kidding here. Go buy this thing tomorrow. These guys are proudly carrying the flag for heavy metal like no other band around today as far as I’m concerned. I wasn’t even a fan back when they were in their early heyday helping define thrash. I’m a believer now. Jesus… I’m going to go watch again. In-fucking-credible.


I’m telling Nintendo you used language like that. I’ll bet they’ll quit paying you off now.

Talking to you is like clapping with one hand.

Horns up, Lake!


Damn you metal pimp! And $20 is spent in the blink of an eye.

Bring the noise!

Someone’s gotta keep you people honest around here! ;)


Aren’t you meant to be too old for this?

I’ll second Tyrion’s Bring the Noise. But then again it takes a nation of millions to hold me back, or somesuch.

(Yes I know, Anthrax was actually on Apocalypse '91)

My poor teenagers are desperately confused. To truly rebel they need to be into Perry Como, talk quietly, eat their greens and keep their rooms tidy. I don’t think they’ve worked this out yet.

The guys making the music are older than me and I’m 32. So no, I don’t think so…

I’ll never be too old for it. There’s a great line on the DVD about the people in the audience knowing exactly what it’s all about…why they’re there and how that affects you. If you’re a fan of metal, it’s something you just understand and it helps drive you.

Going to see Iced Earth on Friday in Philly. That should be a cool show.


I’m looking forward to Anthrax doing a PBS fundraising special.

The best part about that is you know Scott Ian and Charlie Benante are probably looking forward to it too. :)

Who wouldn’t want to give cash when they see Bush growling his way through I Am The Law?