Imagine World of Warcraft without memes

Title Imagine World of Warcraft without memes
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When May 14, 2019

Blizzard has announced the start of World of Warcraft Classic..

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Does this mean there will be no expansion worlds?

No expansions. They’re just “touching up” some of the mechanics and tech so it’s not such a harsh experience to players that have long grown used to the upgraded graphics and QoL stuff they added over the years.

EQ does this and have kept subscribers due to creating new classic/progression servers every now and then. Its kinda tempting i think. Leaping back or into a new but old MMOG and decades of expansions and mudflation is a trickier prospect than being somewhere near the levelling curve on a basic server.

I think it used to be you couldn’t get a mount until level 30 or 40 and it was damned expensive. No flying mounts of course.

I wonder if the battlegrounds will be vanilla? There used to be epic,multi-hour battles in Alterac Valley. There also used to be some quests in AV they removed. I wonder if those will be back.

Yes, they’ll be back. There will be very few changes from the stock launch game.

True. But man, did it feel like an accomplishment.

Oh yeah, it really did. I didn’t mind the effort it took for my first character, but when leveling alts it was a bit of a drag not having a mount.

Pretty much everything will be back. They’re trying to get it as close as reasonably possible to OG WoW. Only real changes are stuff that saved customer support costs, like trading bound items for 2 hours.

I really don’t think this will be very popular 90 days after it launches, but we shall see. Everquest style progression servers made a lot more sense to me, because they “reset” every couple of months.

I agree with this. Vanilla WoW was great for its time, but the gaming world has moved on and simply won’t tolerate a lot of it.

I think what might trip up people is gear progression at 60. Unless you’re in an active guild it’s not easy finding groups to do the dungeons, and it might take 5-10 runs just to get the one drop you need. PvP gear takes even longer to get.

Also, Wailing Caverns took forever. It was so boring.

Everything takes forever in Vanilla. It was a vast improvement over Everquest back in 2004, but terrible today. It’s hard for me to imagine that there are more than 15k people who prefer the old WoW vs. what it is today, but we’ll see.

I don’t mind some things taking longer. I don’t really like the 5-mans in the current game. They are so fast-paced you hardly have time to loot the trash mobs – don’t even try to skin anything – and no one talks.

I miss the epic battles in the old AV. That’s almost enough to make me return.

The nice thing about vanilla was you got to know people outside of your guild, including the opposing faction. You’d see the same names over and over. It gave it more of a sense of place.

The game was a bit harder, too. The current game has no real challenge to it.

There were well over 100k players on that player-run server. But, of course, it was free. Don’t know how many people will pay for the OG WoW experience.