Immigration in the US


Finding new and inventive ways to shoot himself in the foot.


The women who sat next to me at work last season was a Vietnamese refugee as a kid. Her father apparently was given all the rights of a military vet. Her kids used his benefits to help with college and she received aid as a kid. I don’t remember if the Vietnamese who fought for us/with us were given special dispensation when they arrived here but I do think they did.


Is there any reason why these people didn’t become citizens? Seems like they easily met the residency requirements.


It’s a pain in the ass?

It’s fairly common. My grandparents on my mothers side are Canadians. They’ve lived in the US longer than they lived in Canada. They never became citizens. Why? Hell, if I know. It didn’t really used to be a big deal, the only real reason to become a citizen was to vote or run for office. If you didn’t plan on doing that, then why bother, I guess?


Yeah. My mom took something like 25+ years to become a citizen after moving here and marrying dad, and she’s a well-to-do, educated woman with plenty of time to study and enough disposable income and freedom of “life-space” to prepare for all the intricacies as well as possible. Even then, it was just A Lot.


All their kids are citizens, they probably just didn’t bother with it. just like many latino’s have parents or grandparents who never became citizens.

I assume the government agency I work seasonally for requires you to be a US citizen, but last year my unit was a literal United Nations. I think there were people there born in at least 5 other countries. From Armenia to Malaysia. The year before there two guys from China.



It’s one of the best features of where I work. It’s incredibly diverse. Someone asks me now and then if there are people there from other countries on Visas or early gen immigrants. I have no idea. I assume so. It doesn’t come up unless they share a story. I do know every time the government does something weird with the border we get emails about not traveling or leaving if there is a risk.

The very idea that I would treat a co-worker differently based on their nationality, any sort of legal immigration status, or whether they like tamales at Christmas is just insane.

I can’t believe the GOP found another way to fuck up around that war though, THAT war.


I could be wrong, but I think they’re talking about deporting citizens, on the grounds that their citizenship was invalid.


As an immigrant to the USA may I say I very much appreciate the humanity and compassion shown in this thread.

Its presumptuous of me to say, but from an immigrant who loves this country and its people so much I made my life here by choice, I regard Trumps attacks on us as the very definition of “un American”.


They floated that idea not that long ago in relation to other people, so it wouldn’t really surprise me if they extended that idea to Vietnamese residents.


dude - I’ve got at least 6 vietnamese places from I-217 West to Hillsboro that I frequent, and there are another 10 or so I haven’t even tried. Where do you live?


I need to try some more of these. Only been to the one on 185th at Evergreen myself.

Any particular one that is best?


For me, some of them have the best of one dish but I think all have very serviceable pho


For best vermicelli bowl: Saigon Grill near 185th and Walker (is that where you went? )
For best Banh Mi - Best Baguette on Cedar Hills
For best lemongrass chicken, great seafood- Pho Viet near downtown Hillsboro. I probably go here more than anywhere else.
Solid all-around: Pho King (next to Best Baguette)
Best Bun Bo Hue, good banh mi’s and probably most authentic - Tan Tan Cafe on that little street between canyon & tv highway.
2nd best banh mi, and really convenient - Saigon Bistro around corner from Fred Meyer on Cornelius Pass & Evergreen.

Also others that are good, but nothing memorable stuck out:

Vivi’s - off 25th & cornell in hillsboro
Pho Tango - really close to Saigon Bistro

BTW - have you been to Du Kuh Bee yet? - 1st & Watson downtown beaverton for absolutely great little korean bbq. They are only open 4pm -11pm and Frank’s noodle house off 158th & Walker is a good substitute as they are 3x the size & open all hours.


Only one I’ve been to is Pho Gabo. So no!

Definitely have to try some. I pass Saigon Bustro every day heading to work, so that’ll probably be first. Though Pho Viet is also very convenient as I’m living just on the other side of the airport.

I’ll try one this weekend, so thanks a lot for the very detailed write up :)


I don’t think that’s presumptuous at all. Immigrants coming here is how the US became what it is today, despite the bigoted idiots present in every generation. I’m happy to hear the opinion of any resident or even visitor to the US…it’s likely you’re seeing things just as clearly as native citizens, if not more so.


Every person involved in that, needs to lose their job and face jail time. And it needs to happen every single time, so that ICE is quaking in their boots that they better not injure or let another person die. I want them to be so scared that each person double and triple checks their colleagues work so they won’t be canned due to negligence.


Hopefully, justice won’t have to wait until the post-war tribunals.



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It’s true, no one’s figured out a counter to this whole wall thing.