Important Things with Demetri Martin

It starts next week on Wednesday.

I’m more a fan of Demetri’s older comedy, but the Windows Vista campaign fully restored my confidence when I found it last year. I’m curious which direction he’s headed, but the previews look very much like the 2007 one hour special, Person. Still, that one was funny too.

I dig his comedy ever since I first saw him on The Daily Show. Looking forward to it.

Awesome, I love him. Just another reason for me to finally break down and get cable, I guess.

This looks awesome, can’t wait.

“If I” made me a fan of this man for life. Everyone seriously needs to watch that. Over and over.

The first scene made the stand up schtick in Seinfeld look fairly attractive, but the very next skit took it back to the level of the 2007 special, Person, from which it was obviously derived. The rest of the show was quite funny.

I’m hoping each episode changes direction, but even a formulaic show from Demetri sounds funny to me. I was giddy with laughter nearly the whole time.

I’d never heard of him before, but I loved this.

Maybe no need. They put the full shows of the Daily Show and Colbert on the website now, maybe this one too?