In the Valley of Gods - Firewatch in the pyramids

VALVE TIME in full effect no doubt. I am wondering if this will be a 2021 release at this rate? I was searching around for any type of news, and nothing.

I was wondering about this. Does the Idle Thumbs radio silence correlate with their move to Valve? (IIRC two out of the three hosts work at campo)

Yep. That’s exactly when the shows died. They didn’t even make an announcement that they were going on hiatus so I always wondered if it was some Valve policy getting in the way. Really miss those shows.

Well shheeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

I guess this will be on your wishlist for a looooooong time.

Yep… I bet the go VR with it down the road.

Why waste talent like that on fucking DOTA

Because Campo / Idle Thumbs people have always liked dota and want to work on it.

i don’t think there could be a better reason than that, oh well.

Oh man, I wasn’t caught up on the last dozen posts of this thread prior to reading this today. All the more painful reading people speculate about the fate of both the team and the game over a year ago and to see it all go as badly as feared.

Sad thread from a contract writer (I think–he’s not at Valve) on the project :

John Walker’s cynical questions turned out to be right.

Yup. What Valve absorbs, it digests.

I couldn’t care less about VR Half-life or DOTA or whatever. Firewatch really resonated with me, though, and I’m very sad this game is sliding into the Valve void.

I wonder where the rights to Valley Of The Gods lies. It’s possible that Campo Santo retained the rights and may pick it up again when they’re done with Valve.

Valve bought Campo Santo.

Right, but I think it’s possible that they negotiated to keep individual rights to the properties as separate from what Valve bought. I assume it was more acqui-hire than any specific IP or technology.

It doesn’t really matter though, since it’s pure speculation.

Same here. Bummer news.

Ah, dammit. I searched for news on this and missed the announcement earlier in the month.

I’d naively hoped that by aquiring Camp Santo, Valve was going to boost their resources and allow them to create a truly special game.

What a bummer. I’m certain Alyx will be a better game with the contribution of these folks, but I was far more excited about In the Valley of the Gods than I am about more Half Life.

Every time this thread gets bumped, I stupidly click on it, hoping for good news. :-(