In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Wow that’s evil. That’s like when I asked my uncle what he was doing with those “pimples” and he said I’d know when I got older.


I can’t understand SyFy cancelling Dark Matter and yet renewing Van Helsing. Its just terrible.


I assumed it got better, I only ever watched the first season, but it kept getting renewed. :)


They didn’t own the show entirely, same as expanse.


I love the show. It’s the only CBS show after Big Bang Theory ends that I am watching.


From all reports, without any ratings pressure Elementary has recovered from some mid-run doldrums. I’m just surprised it lasted so long given the poor ratings (not a sign of quality) it was pulling and the way the network yanked the show around.


I feel your pain brother. Dark Matter wasn’t quite on the level of say The Expanse in terms of production value or writing/plot, but it was a damn good “fun sci-fi” show along the lines of shows like Firefly, Stargate and others, and it still had plenty of story to tell. My wife and I looked forward to it every week, and we really liked several of the actors on the series.

I was glad to see “Two” show up as a main character in the new Nathan Fillion series The Rookie, but also sad because it pretty much confirmed there would be no “rescue” of the series by any other network/service. I did a quick lookup, and it looks like “Three” is a new main character in a Canadian series called “Frankie Drake Mysteries”, “Five” was in some kind of straight-to-digital sci-fi horror thing, and “Six” has shown up as a guest star on a few other Sci-Fi shows since Dark Matter. I’m glad they’re all working, but would have preferred it be on the show still. =(


Killjoys >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dark Matter.


You read enough of these threads and you know which QT3 poster has similar tastes to you :) I think Papageno and Kempey Boyd (?) are closest to me.


I love Killjoys as well, though my wife (who was a big Dark Matter fan) does not. Friday with Dark Matter + Killjoys was my favorite TV night for a couple of seasons.


I’ll admit, it was nice to have SyFy Fridays back for a little while.


That must be some kind of inside joke because Killjoys is a complete illogical mess. Its writing is garbage but it is redeemed by a good cast. I actually still watch and enjoy it but nope, not better than Dark Matter. Killjoys makes me a bit sad though because with that cast, if it actually had some quality writing it would be awesome.


Killjoys and Dark Matter are different enough that they are hard to compare, but my wife and I enjoyed them both.

Killjoys is definitely goofier and goes for more laughs, but it is fun. Dark Matter was working harder to tell a serious story (if by serious I mean “more serious than green goo taking over the galaxy!”)

Actually, the story in Dark Matter reminds me of the overarching story from Chapterhouse Dune and the rest of the original Herbert series, somewhat.


Well, that was really cheesy. Which isn’t surprising given that they needed a happy ending in just 2 episodes. I’d much rather have seen them go back and stop the creation of time machines in the first place, undoing the whole thing. But that wouldn’t have given us all the good feels of happily ever after.

I’m glad it got an ending, cheesy or not. Timeless wasn’t great TV, but I had fun with it.


Midnight Texas was a show that existed and was on the air. Except it has been canceled by NBC. Again, here to help you simultaneously learn two things with one post.




Jamie Ray Newman who I have a crush on (don’t tell her!), was on that show! I swear she is cursed as just about every show she is on gets canceled.


She’s on the Magicians, apparently (I haven’t seen the show yet). That one is still going right?


I watched the first and am watching the second season. They haven’t found their stride with it. We’re in an age where shows can’t afford to mature for very long.


I have never heard of it. That’s surprising since I watch a few NBC shows already: The Good Place, Saturday Night Live, Sunday Night Football, sometimes Thursday Night Football (when NBC broadcast it earlier in the season), sometimes Chicago Med, and sometimes a couple of other shows, like The Equalizer on NBC’s app, which forces me to see NBC promos. And I don’t recall ever hearing about that show during any of those.


Same here, and it looks like something I’d have at least checked a few episodes on, too.

Not any more. Too much TV to spend it on a show canceled already, no matter how great it may have been.