Kinda thinking more of a subtlish Riddick or Alpha Protocol-style game myself. It could be good, or it could just be drek.

— Alan

Only the movie has no one receiving super-powers. It’s the environment that does everything.

There was the scene where gravity was frequently rotating which is a bit different from low gravity unreal tournament or that one game about soldiers fighting in space.

Random trains too. Sure, you could say they are just part of the scenery, but what if one hits you? what if!

Then what if you lose focus and your significant other appears while you’re capturing the mind flag so they can stab you in the back?

The only interesting thing they could possible do is have objective based missions (sort of like the unreal tournament assault game mode) mimicking breaking in to someone’s mind. One team is the attackers while another is the mind police. Well, they could also make it a single player action rpg doing the same thing but focusing more on convincing the person through dialog (like in the movie).

I’m with the “it will more than likely be another generic modern day fps” group though.

Inception should be a psychonaughts mod.

Uncharted with an Inception skin seems much more logical than FPS imo.

I would prefer a Heavy RaInception though.

So, the ability to fold a city in half by thinking about it isn’t a superpower.

. . .

Or, as I was saying, and Charles was backing me up on, it’ll be a mix of totally different gameplay types. If we’re going to talk about Prototype - would it have made sense to have a garden-tending minigame alongside the combat? No?

Then you see what my point is.

Of course. That is a plot device.

I personally think it will be a story-driven, linear affair. There are too many aspects of “dreaming” for a player to be able to control them all. I imagine many scripted events will occur that will be awesome, but you will be pretty limited in what you can do personally.

I think you are missing the point a bit and generalizing. You kinda have to take this on a game by game basis. If the game itself is setting up a serious world, that then gets all dream-scapey and building-running uppy, that will seem cool. In a ridiculous game like Serious Sam, that stuff is just expected. If you make a serious feeling 3rd person action game, the dream scape stuff will be unexpected and cool.

Exactly. Remember the demo of Mirror’s Edge? What if at the end, instead of jumping, the building just extended itself to the helicopter.

Unless they happen to notice the name on the front of the box.

Your stubborn ignorance is mind-boggling.