Indian island disappears

O bright future!

When all countries are submerged there will be no more border disputes!

At least we got this out of it.

“What these two countries could not achieve from years of talking
has been resolved by global warming”

Hopefully the cultural gain offsets the geographical loss.

… just a search for the mythical “Dry land”. Watch out for smokers!

I wish I’d been there playing an awesome 8-finger guitar solo at the fateful moment.

…And Kevin Costner.

I don’t know, I think one of those country is gonna find that island and build really high tower on it or something, just so they can claim resource within 370 km around the island.

What’s interesting is that islands disappear all the time, and not for reasons that have anything to do with global warming. Contrary to what logic may suggest, ocean levels are not the same globally and never have been. For example, several islands that existed in the Chessapeak bay area when Europeans first arrived in the 1600s disappeared within a few hundred years, well before there would have been any impact from human activities. What complicates the issue of rising sea levels is that we are still in a natural warming trend to begin with in that this is still the “downside” part of the last ice age ending.

That’s not to say that human activities haven’t impacted things, but islands that were already barely above sea level or were in areas where various geological forces are changing sea levels would have been in trouble either way.

Meanwhile nobody has yet noticed the appearance of a new island just off the coast of Pakistan…

Maybe it didn’t disappear but is just lost…

This thread reminds me that I haven’t seen Erik the Viking in a while.

Someone turned the wheel.

This ‘island’ was not a rocky island and not swallowed up by ocean levels rising. It was in a river estuary, and was made of sand and silt and things.

Nothing to see here.

Yeah, that’s what all you posters paid by Exxon say.

Are you…trying to be funny here or just being a troll? I’d love to get some money, if you’re actually a recruiter, asshole.

LOL! No, just teasing, as someone here who has often been accused of being a right wing shill. ;)

Oh man, don’t I feel like a heel now, sorry man. I had just gotten into it on another board about this when I saw your comment today. My sincere apologies.

But basically, ocean is rising at .5mm +/- .5mm per year, and they claimed that this was due to climate change (.5m or so per year minimum for that to be true) and set me off. You were just in the firing range when I went off.

Are you sure the rising levels you are mentioning are up to date? The Wiki on it, which you linked, said that data was through 1996. The other article said the rise was prominent over the last decade, right?

I don’t really have a horse in this race, but I want to get the facts right. The island is not in a river. It’s 2 km into the bay, which is not real far, and thus in the spill, as you say. What would have caused it to sink? Just changing sand locations and such?

Islands near the mouth of rivers disappear and appear all the time if the river isn’t controlled. For example, the mouth of the Columbia river looks completely different today then it did when Lewis & Clark saw it 200+ years ago. Same thing is true of the mouth of the Mississippi. So this particular island may have disappeared even if there was zero sea level rising.

Also, even as sea level rises it impacts things differently. It’s not a simple matter of raising the water level on a map and drawing a new coastline. Other stuff impacts what stays and what goes beyond just the sea level. Plus there are other geological processes that can cause local sea level rises (or drops) that are not related to general global processes.