Indie side-scrolling stealth/puzzle game: Gunpoint

…In which you control rocket pants worn by a spy. You also reroute electrical devices to fool guards and access new areas. Developer’s site, where you can prepurchase for $9. Releases June 3rd.

There’s a demo, which I played. It’s pretty neat. There’s a very silly/English sense of humor to the whole thing, and the crosslink (device rewiring) has potential to be a very cool mechanic. The guard AI is super-dumb, but then it would have to be for the game to work. Worth checking out.

I remember when this game was first announced many years ago and then its subsequent announcements. It’s been looking ‘ready’ and ‘just let me play it’ for about a year now. Also, I just realised there’s a demo I can play RIGHT NOW! A pre-release demo? What is this, 1995?! I’m glad he’s charging $9 though. That’s such an easy price to not feel bad about buying, so I hope it will promote a lot of demo->game conversions.

Also: Pentadact used to post on the forums.

The demo is great, very much looking forward to this.

Played the demo, and instabought the special edition, mainly to be honest because I found a Better Off Ted reference in one of the collectables. Any game (written by a Brit, no less) that references Better Off Ted is already 10 kinds of awesome. And the writing in the mission briefings is pretty great too. The rewiring gameplay in the demo was very simple, being a tutorial, but I’ve been following the development from the start and have been looking forward to it a lot.

Entertaining. It’s a bit cruel to put a taunting BUY GAME button in when I can’t actually play the rest of the game yet :’(

Still: I wonder if he could make the items in the game any smaller. I’m already having a hard enough time seeing them, and I’d like to be able to not-see them at all.

I think I’d be worried about the depth of gameplay if I hadn’t seen the shop screen. The demo levels feel a bit limited but I’m sure that’s intentional.

Alert: This comes out today!

EG likes it though it’s a bit short according to them.

Just mucking around in these little sandboxes is a blast - and in that sense, it’s the best sort of game, where play is its own reward. More snack than feast, it would be nice if there was slightly more of it to enjoy, but Gunpoint comes highly recommended all the same.

Oh, that date came upon me quickly. Now to frantically check Steam until it is unleashed.

EG likes it though it’s a bit short according to them.

There’s a level editor, so asuuming the game doesn’t completely flop, there should be plenty of fan-made content in future.

This game is sweeeeeet.

I love this game!

The launch trailer is marvellous. It was top of the steam selling list when I went to bed last night, which was good to see.

Played what I assume is most of it last night, and loved it. I think there’s going to be a fair amount of replay value just trying to get perfect ninja scores on all the levels, not to mention trying out the different dialogue options.

Finished it tonight and absolutely adored it. There’s plenty of things to go back and try too.

Not surprisingly his development manifesto is something I could agree with 100%.

Beat this today!

Really neat game!

I am the greatest private spy ever to have lived!

First patch out, with appropriately amusing changelog.

Fixed a bug that rendered the game unable to cope with how cool you look walking backwards into a subway with your gun drawn, leading to a crash.

I started actually playing this last night. Loved finishing a mission unseen having stood alone in a room and used a single lightswitch to take out 4 guards using nothing more than 3 doors and a plug socket!

Yeah I’m actually enjoying this. It’s not usually my type of game, but the autosave and respawn system is great and really makes it easy to just try stuff and have fun without too much pressure.