Infinity Blade swipes right out of existence


Epic Games has pulled the Infinity Blade trilogy of mobile games from the Apple App Store. All three games are no longer available to new users. If you have them in your account already, then you may download and play them again, (albeit without the in-app purchases) but you’re out of luck if you didn’t grab them before the removal. According to Epic’s post, the studio needs to concentrate on other projects like Fortnite, Spyjinx, and wooing indie developers to their new PC gaming store.

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To pull them out? That’s the message?


Yeah, I tend to agree that “look how we do our former games wrong” probably isn’t the right message. Though the actual developers are a fully owned subsidiary of Epic, that still seems like a weird move that doesn’t set a great precedent for partners.

Considering that their stated goal is putting resources towards other things, I’m also not sure how much effort you actually need to contribute to … leaving a game on the Apple Store? I guess you still need a guy doing support emails and such?


Sounds like one of those cases where a suit wants to focus on ultra profitable things instead of the merely profitable.

While technically correct for the bottom line, there are subtle downsides to these kinds of things from a customer or developer relationship perspective. Oh well.


The P&R threads are the best threads on Qt3. Let’s get rid of Games so we can refocus our efforts there instead. :ka-ching:


“What does that mean? … to play us out?!?”


Apple seems to go out of their way to break things with iOS updates, so I’m sure it’s a little more involved than that.


I completely forgot that I have Infinity Blade 2 on my phone.