InstantAction: Tribes like web based game on the way?

Video from Garage Games InstantAction service has some very Tribes like looking footage.

No good can come of this!

Could be fun. Doesn’t look like much at the moment though.

Looks like more fun than Tribes: Vengeance already.

A jetpack doesn’t make a Tribes game. Tribes is so much bigger than that.

I would fucking KILL for an updated Tribes 2.


Conformation and a few more info tidbits are available over at Firingsquad.

The game is unannounced officially and un-named as of the moment, but will be a freedom of movement team based action FPS on, and is being developed by a very talented team here at the newly formed GG Studios division.

As for the “game in a browser” stuff, my opinion for this project and in all is the game should come first. The team and myself are all hardcore FPS players. We won’t sacrifice anything that would feel bad. The first thing we actually decided as a team was that we want to bring back the feelings we had as gamers in ~1997, simple, but not overly simple, deep mechanics but not too complex.


Visually I really got a vibe straight from the book Starship Troopers. That would rock ;)

So it’s out, and it doesn’t seem to let you invert the mouse, so no go for me unless I missed something in options.

Temp solution:

C:\Users<username>\AppData\LocalLow\GarageGames\IAPlayer\products\102\install\Legions\legions\preferences\prefs.cs on Vista. Its slightly different on XP, but still in appdata.

Open prefs.cs in notepad and look for the line:

$Pref::Input::MouseInvertYAxis = 0;

Change it to:

$Pref::Input::MouseInvertYAxis = 1; 

It’s beta :P

Any further impressions, on Legions or IA? I’m kinda surprised there isn’t an outburst of vitriol/praise from former Tribes players …

Disclaimer: I work for Garage Games as of 5 days ago. As you can imagine, my input into the creative game design process is ENORMOUS. Yep.

Fix the damn registration server and I’ll provide some.

I was never a big Tribes fan personally, but I’m pretty impressed with Legions as a browser based shooter. I only played for a quick 20 minutes, but the controls are tight and the weapons are the classics, and reliably fun.

Its pretty fun. I had to switch from Firefox to IE to play though. Right Clicking in Firefox kept bringing up a right click menu.

The docs could use some work. Apparently the “rocket launcher specialist” can detonate the rockets at will, but I couldn’t figure out how

I was a huge Tribes fan/developer back in the days. While this felt like it could be a fun game (I only was able to play alone in my server) it doesn’t seem to have the skiing component of the previous games (mostly T1) and lacked vertical terrain as the prominent movement obstacle. The map I played was pretty flat, with structures as most of the movement obstacles.

It’s no Tribes. If you are waiting for tribes, this is not it. It’s a pale imitation, and while it may have some similar style, it’s missing the gameplay.

It does have skiing though.

I concur.

Played the beta of this a couple of weeks ago and promptly forgot about it. The maps are too simple, the peer to peer networking blows, and the base design on the two maps I played was basically “big box with a flag on the top.” Also, you only get two weapons (out of three total), and the chaingun hit detection is terrible. No, I don’t just suck, I was pretty good with the Tribes 1 chaingun, which also had “bad” hit detection. The hit detection on the chaingun just sucks, possibly due to the peer to peer crap.

Hey, I haven’t seen z0dd in years. :)

Skiing is in the game, it just works a bit differently than old Tribes fans are used to. And as you said, the included maps don’t really encourage much skiing, but I assume that’ll change as more people start making maps. I do think it feels much more Tribes-like than Tribes: Vengeance ever did.

The thing I enjoyed about Tribes was the customization aspects and incredible variety of what was possible. I still feel that Tribes, or at least the better mods, are unmatched in terms of character loadouts, vehicles, and especially deployables.

This boils everything down into just the most basic gameplay elements, which is entertaining but not deep. If this were a remake of say, Warcraft II, it’d be the equivalent of being given nothing but 2 grunts on a map sparsely decorated with a few trees with the goal being nothing but to kill the other guy’s 2 grunts.

Yeah, the game is definitely nowhere near the awesomeness of tribes… BUT, it is still really fun, and one of the better games on instantaction.