Internet drama: Worse than Jack Thompson

If you’ve missed having a public figure to heap scorn upon as an Internet villain, someone more despicable than 4chan, here’s your Charles Carreon.

This ambulance-chaser seems to have made his name as “Internet Lawyer” from fluking out on a case from a few decades ago and doesn’t seem to have any understanding of how the Internet works in present-day. You should see the crazy photoshop-hackjobs he and his crazy wife have done up on their blog and have the gall to disparage The Oatmeal.

He’s so batshit crazy it’s ridonkulous. He makes Judge Floro look sane.

The above link contains pt1, pt2 etc and all the background.

Stusser, Tom – please delete?

Yea, he’s an evil, evil leach. Hope he’s disbarred and has to see what real people have to go through to make a living, though he’d probably just run a scam.