Introducing Groupy

Hey friends. Wanted to share a preview of a new app we introduced today called Groupy. Groupy lets you organize multiple applications into grouped tabs on your Windows desktop. It’s currently in beta for those with an Object Desktop membership.

I was pleasantly surprised this wasn’t some horrific new website as the name implied. I guess in that case it would’ve been called Grouply.


My desktop is ONLY used for awesome wallpaper. Icons are for the task bar.

Hey Brad, curb your dog man

Yeeesh. sorry.

Which versions of Windows does this Groupy thing work on?

I prefer City Dog.

What I want to know is who paid them to write “amazing Adobe applications” – everyone I know who has to use the Adobe creative suite hates it.

Tough crowd.

I think it looks pretty cool, anyways.

I dunno, this sounds interesting to me at least. Organized chaos of my desktop by topic, ticket or conversation.

I’ll try it.

Interesting. I’ll bet there’s a good market for that in an enterprise setting. Heaven knows I could have used it a few million times. At home? Not so much for me.

Id be interested in this for work, but I bet I need admin privileges to install this, which I do not have. I have too many file explorer windows open and Id love to have a tabbed interface.

Oh, I think you may have just sold me on it.

That is pretty interesting. I’m primarily a Linux user for many-windowed tasks. I get by with workspace switching and multiple monitors at the office, but something like this would be nice to have when I don’t have my second monitor.

Clover works for that, really well. But as with this, you’d need to install it.

I have heard that microsoft is working on it for windows 10. I have no idea how long it will take. In other news, my work machine is Windows 7, so I guess it does not matter all that much how long it will take because even if was next week, Ill still be stuck.

This looks like it might interest me. I know I use the hell out of Fences, so maybe I’ll give this a shot once I can buy it.