----> Investigate. If you succeed, find an Arkham Horror LCG Thread

Yeah man, 4 cultists is great! You should feel good about that :)

That’s good to know, thanks guys. Didn’t know how likely it was to get all six of those guys. I liked the mechanics of the cultists with the alternate conditions for defeating them. Seems that would be better as you have more players who are better at different conditions. I got lucky that two of them were right in the wheelhouse of my guys.

Getting all of them is doable, but in my experience you gotta have the stars really align. 4 is really a job well done.


------> interrogate. Discard all the cards in your hand.

Well, I set up that third scenario, The Devourer Below, and absolutely got my ass handed to me.

Hard to tell from the picture, but that’s 6 (!) enemies engaged with my two poor investigators. And that’s after I’d already smacked down two others while gathering clues in the forest. Had two failures out of the chaos bag that led to this unfortunate state of events, but even if those had gone the right way, I’m not sure how well things would have turned out. There’s just a ton of stuff coming at you!

I suppose I could try again, but per the story everyone is dead and the Devourer stalks the world, so probably best to reset and try another investigator team.

Do you own anything outside of the core?

I have Dunwich Legacy too, and have used some of the cards in the decks. Would like to finish the first campaign before going on, though.

My wife and I just played the third scenario from the base set earlier today. This is our second time through the basic adventure, and things were going much better this time… until today. On turn three, my wife hit a card requiring a skill check with one point of damage per amount failed. She hit the token that gave a -5, and ended up losing 6 life, which flat out killed her. I was playing skids, and had minimal chances to actual find clues. We ended up with a very quick loss.

We still had fun though, and we’re planning on buying the first box for Path to Carcosa.

Ouch, that’s even quicker than my attempt! Those big negative chaos tokens are just nasty. Playing Agnes, I picked up Grotesque Statue after the first scenario and was happy to pay the 4 XP. Having a chance to pick one of two chaos tokens can be huge.

Completely fair.

Be aware that The Devourer Below is probably the worst scenario in the Core/Dunwich cycles so if it feels unfair and/or your enthusiasm starts waning…just move on to Dunwich.

Played through the campaign again, with Daisy and Jenny this time. Got back to The Devourer Below, and then…

Almost exactly the same thing happened. Daisy had one damage on her, drew Grasping Hands with a -3 token, which mean she failed the check by 4…dead.

I believe I will take this advice the next time I break out the game!

Been playing Dunwich and am finding that Rex and Zoey are one hell of an effective duo together.

Sheesh, there’s a lot of stuff for this game! I have like 3 of those things.

And the only products in the entire product line that can store the game are the core box and the Return to (Campaign) boxes. it’s special.


Duke being playable is brilliant.

Dog Monocle

OMG, that is so doggone cute! I’m buying this one paw sure!