Invincible Iron Man

I picked up the new animated movie.

It was terrible.

How do you screw up a short animated feature about a guy who puts on a suit of powered armor and then beats up bad guys? By not having him beat up the bad guys, that’s how. It seemed to get wrapped up in the plot way too much, which was really just below-one-shot-writing fare, and not deliver on the butt kicking.

Also, he was never referred to as “Iron Man” once. What could’ve been a cool prequel to the Ultimate Avengers is just lost in crap. The animation is okay, and the voice acting is below average with a couple of exceptions, good and bad (Rhodey is TERRIBLE. It’s like the director had him give the worst possible reading of his lines, then used them.).

UA was good, UA2 was meh, and now this. I’m holding out hope for the Dr. Strange movie, they showed the first scene and it seemed waaay better than this, which seems to indicate that I live in a Bizarro world, where Iron Man sucks and Dr. Strange might be good.

I watched it with my eight year old nephew, and he enjoyed it. I thought it was not absolutely terrible. What they did with the Mandarin was weird, but I really liked the updated design for the “original” Iron Man suit.

For me the more Hi-techhy they get, the lsee I like the suit- give me the 70’s IM suit anyday.

I, too, liked the updated OG suit, but how do you not deliver on a climactic fight? It’s an animated movie, so they effectively don’t have a budget for effects, and yet… Gah.

Well… It isn’t “free”. You usually have more shots, unique keyframes, etc. etc. But it’s a lot cheaper than the equivalent film shots.

They have a lot of effects in the final bits of the movie, so I know they had budgeted for it. But who looked at that script and said, “This is the best Iron Man we can do!” That person needs a kick in the beanbag.

This was pretty horrible, but after the also horrible UA2, I can’t say I was exactly disappointed.

The Marvel guys obviously haven’t watched Batman,Superman,Batman Beyond,JLA or JLU. There is almost 40 years of both Iron Man and Avenger stories to play with, and like usual idiots they attempt to ‘re-imagine’.
B.Timm and company rewrote the orignals of almost all of thier stuff, but there was always enough fo the grain of the canon to grab hold of. They didn’t redo costumes and such just because, Flash was Flash, Bats is Bats exc.
Iron Man - it’s simple. Grab a stack of issues. read them. Make storyboard. Make cartoon. My pick for the screen would be the Alcoholic arch- this is the best IM has had to offer, but off that, Armor Wars,the recent sentient suit-Tony is more than the armor blah blah, or one of the early Manderin archs.
Avengers- Ultron I. Intro of the Vision, Yellowjacket going off his rocker, and kick ass action.

I don’t really have a problem with the story so much as, well, everything else. This story wasn’t really inspiring or anything, but it’d be at least OK if they had decent art and voice actors. They didn’t.