Ion Maiden - 3D Realms Build Engine retro shooter

Why not “Piss off, Iron Maiden!”?

I’d have bought it!

That trailer conspicously included a line from Ion Maiden Fury: “Say my name”. 😂😂😂

Just a quick reminder that Ion Fury releases next week!

Omg. Next week is so super busy.

The timing could not be better! I have a long weekend starting evening of the 14th!

I made a big thread over on Resetera for the game ahead of launch. I hope it’s a big hit for the team, as they’ve been working on this project in their spare time outside of their regular jobs for the past four years.

Surprised the thread hasn’t been updated already since the reviews are starting to come in.

Seems to be fun & good though not ground-breaking.


I think that is all I need. I enjoyed the demo, so if its more of that then I am all in.

I can’t wait.

A few more reviews

Ouch, I’m less likely to get it now after reading that Rock Paper Shotgun review. I just hate being lost in games. It’s one aspect of old school shooters I hated back then and I still hate today. It’s what completely ruined Jedi Outcast for me.

To be fair, the reviewer was a useless dude who wasn’t even capable of going to control bindings to see what keys were available, and see there was an automap key there.

Yeah, I did laugh at that. And it’s true that automaps do make it easier to not get lost in old school shooters. Jedi Outcast did not have a map, which probably was one of the reasons I constantly got lost in it.

It’s a game where old-school decisions too often trump good ones. A blast from a past I never lived through, where puerile humour and “area complete” screens tease you about not being a “real player”. Ion’s tongue might be in its cheek, but I’ve got little interest in what it’s saying.

He’s not wrong, although I could quibble on some of the things he feels would be good game design decisions. Ion Fury and its ilk are furiously and purposefully old school, so stuff like backtracking, looping levels, and less-than-obvious player pathing is part of the attraction.

That RPS review was just lazy bollox written at a lazy blog level. The whole site is pretty much shit now that all of the founders are gone. I’m wondering how much longer Tim Stone is going to last there.

I don’t know if “lazy” is correct, but I do think his review is a pretty interesting look into someone’s gameplay values that did not grow up on the games Ion Fury is building on. I get it. If you missed that era, Duke3d, Blood, and even Doom are going to feel really clunky in spots, but you give them a pass because of their place in history. Ion Fury doesn’t have the same prestige, so that player is apt to regard those bits with annoyance.

I do think a number of recent “reviews” there have been extremely lazy and seemingly much more like a “first impressions” post than a proper review. If John Walker had written that it would be equally scathing if not more so but simultaneously would have given a much more kaleidoscopic view of the game as a whole. I agree the site quality has gone quite downhill over the past year or two.

That’s a crappy review. You don’t match reviewers who are pre-disposed to not liking something to a game like that. All it does is infuriate the audience who want to know about the game the developer made, not the game you the reviewer wish they put out. It’s garbage.

Disclaiming that with “I’m too young to know better” at the start should have been a clue to the editor that they effed up with the assignment.

I love Digital Foundry’s video on the game!

Also, I’m happy to see a former RPS writer come out and basically say that the site’s review is pretty poor.

I was sad to see Dominic Tarason didn’t get his contract renewed at RPS. Every time I skimmed down and saw an article about a game that interested me, he would be the writer.

Anyway, I grew up with these games and I hate backtracking, so we’ll see how it goes.

Yep, me too. I realised the only reason I ever visited RPS was to read one of his articles or reviews. I’d better check twitter and see where he’s gone now. [edit] Apparently nowhere yet, I hope he finds work soon.