ION or other netbooks?

Looking into getting a netbook, but it seems like the majority are models that are several months old. Any rumor of dramatic releases due in the next quarter? I thought that Nvidia based integrated graphics were supposed to be due this year, yet the majority (or all) commonly available netbooks still use Intel 945g or somesuch.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees are really cute and functional as netbooks. Also, they get like seven hours of battery power.

Ion netbooks are coming at the end of the month with Windows 7. My guess is that they will all be priced high enough to make you wonder why they’re called netbooks (i.e. $500+). However, the eeePC 1201 (or whatever they’re going to call it) looks hot.

I have been waiting on the ions for awhile. It is somewhat disappointing to see that they are initially being priced so highly.

Speak of the devil - HP just released it’s first Ion capable laptop.

Long short short - Graphics performance is 14X previous integrated solutions w/re to 3dmark06. Ion graphics are about equal to the 9400M used in Macbooks and Mac Mini, which is about equivalent to the old Nvidia 6800 GT. Which means you can play older games easily and well.

I ran games like FarCry and Oblivion on my Nvidia 6800GS. Granted, the Atom is way weaker than what was in the computer (Athlon64 3200+), but still, that is a huge step above the shitbox that is the eee PC I am typing this on.

That looks pretty good, however I personally will wait until windows 7 is available.

Ok that is pretty awesome: ion, 11.16", 1366X768, 6 cell (6hrs). It pretty much hits everything I want in a netbook. Even the price at $400 is about right.

11" is right on the line though - most netbooks are not engineered to the same standards as ultraportables, and at 11" things like bezel depth and overall thickness are starting to take their toll. You can get a refurb 13" Macbook Pro for 899$ or something, so it had better be mobile-friendly at 11+". Paying 500+$ for an Atom powered 12" laptop seems to miss the whole point.