iOS calendar alternatives


I’ve missed 4 meetings this month, including one on Friday that everyone moved in order to meet my schedule, because my iOS calendar isn’t alerting me. I can’t trust iOS anymore and need an alternative.

I’m going to try Outlook w/ Calendar but wondering if there are other suggestions.


I use Fantasical, but that is based on iOS calendars. If you’re not getting notifications, sounds like there is a bigger problem going on anyway. Might be time for a restore?


I use Fantastical.


I’ll check out Fantastical, thanks.


LeeAbe is right though, Fantastical is just a (nice) interface for managing your iCloud/iOS calendars. If you’re not getting notifications, I don’t think it will matter if you used Apple’s Calendar app or Fantastical to out the events on the calendar—unless it was just user error in how you entered them that Fantastical helps avoid.


Oh i’m sure it’s a me problem. I just checked and none of the events I made had alerts :/. I need a calendar I guess that defaults to turning alerts on so I don’t forget. Or go back to paper, I guess.


The preference window on MacOS allows you to set default alerts for events. Is that not available on iOS?

FWIW, I also use Fantastical and wrangle about 10 Google Calendars and iOS calendars with it for various work/home things. It generally works very well.


I just checked and you’re right.

I was so mad this morning; now i’m just sad. At least I think I have some solutions though. Thanks all.


I’ve done that. So annoying. /sympathy


I miss meetings a lot less frequently now.

My suggestion is to get a smartwatch if you don’t have one; I use a Garmin. For meetings set a 15 min alarm and conference calls set a custom 2 min. Check a couple times a week and click through your calendar items to make sure alarms are set properly, takes about 30 seconds a week.

I still miss some calls because I’m weird when I focus on something, but it helps a lot. Note that for awhile I was getting too many arm buzzes so I started to adapt. It’s important to turn off Twitter and email notifications etc.

Hope this helps.