iOS Games Thread


I’m in some classic RPG romp, and I was weighing my iPad options.
I have had Silversword (which was fine back then, I guess, but has terrible UI issues).
A friend showed me Avadon, which is surprisingly good, but a bit finicky, and I’m more in a first person mood lately, and Grimrock which would be perfect if its real-time combat didn’t stress me out.

I am eyeing The Quest, which looks quite neat, excepting for the fact it seems heavily influenced by The Elder Scrolls and thus might be trying to eat more than it can chew. Anybody played it? Are there other options?


The Quest is literally older than the iPhone itself. So maybe Daggerfall is an apt comparison. But unlike Daggerfall, The Quest is still in development. I’d say there has been plenty of time to chew whatever they bit off.


Be aware there is a Quest classic and a newer Quest with newer graphics. The older graphics aren’t horrible on a phone but there is a difference that is noticeable.


The one I am eyeing is the newer one (movement buttons on screen are important to me).


Silversword was pretty good I think. But party based like Wizardry not single player like Daggerfall.


Cat Quest is super cute and super fun.


I just DL’d the new Vampire’s Fall: Origins, which is free but without any FTP nonsense. Haven’t tried it yet, but it’s described as old school, turn-based.

From Pocket Tactics:

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a surprisingly strong mobile RPG with lots of single-player content, sarcastic NPCs, a PVP mode, and plenty of room to improve over time. It’s built by a small indie crew and is completely free-to-play with no ads or freemium mechanics. The developers plan to add optional IAP down the road to support future development (implementing a clan system is one goal) but are dedicated to not mucking up the user experience. If you’re a fan of RPGs, especially on mobile devices, you should absolutely go grab this one.


Ah, this was off to such a strong start, but why did it have to be one of those infamous gamepad stick emulation instead of point and tap!


Well that from “Wooo, that looks interesting,” to “not even worth trying” pretty quickly.


What boardgame should I be playing on my iPad? Need something really immersive.


Immersive? A boardgame?

Anyway, good iPad boardgames:

Twilight Struggle
Through The Ages
Pathfinder ACG
Dozens of Reiner Knizia games.
Space Trucker
Le Havre


Not a board game, but have you played Plague Inc?


Haha yea, but since I’m in the hospital with several infections I’m not quite in the mood for spreading plagues lololol.


So many options!

Sentinels of the Multiverse is pretty immersive and has a ton of content.

If you’re looking for a free app, I’ll suggest Ortus Regni. It really is free, there are no ads, no IAPs, and no expansions available or planned. And the game play is unique, it’s as tightly wound as a stripped down euro but dressed up to look like a CCG.


Thanks for the jumpstart all. Just what I needed. Question - besides Twilight Struggle, wasn’t there another space type game people really liked? Galaxy something?


I’d recommend Suburbia. I’ve gotten back into playing that asynch over the last couple weeks and I really enjoy it.


Yes, Race for the Galaxy.


Ahhhh had Galaxy on the wrong end. Thanks!


Race for the Galaxy is super fast paced (games last for 15 minutes?) so I don’t know about immersion, but the AI is a really cool opponent. It also has quite a steep learning curve (the tutorial is serviceable, but I always deplored there wasn’t an in-game card library to peruse).

There is Eclipse which was supposed to be a Space Opera thing, but I think that one had AI issues if I recall… But it seems to be gone from the store?

Sentinels of the Multiverse is meant for single player (although there is online multiplayer support) has ton of contents, and while it’s good as a strategy game, it becomes incredible if you get invested into its lore (I dislike comics, but I thoroughly enjoyed the lore of that game). It’s also quite expensive: 50 bucks for the two season packs (the base game features only a fraction of the overall available content).
Edit: I should add that is has no in-game goal worth speaking of, so the only challenge is the one you build for yourself. It’s the KSP of board games!

Pathfinder Adventures is very absorbing and a nifty dice and card games and is single player. Even though I have had my issues with it (I ran repeatedly into glitches), it is a crazy addicting game.


Oh yeah. “Space Trucker” is actually “Galaxy Truckers”. Silly me.