iPhone skipping to next song after 30 seconds when on shuffle

So, I’m not an iPhone guy, so not even sure what to check, but I thought I’d see if anyone here could help me diagnose this.

Girlfriend’s iPhone, when on shuffle, has recently started skipping to the next song at about the 30-second mark. She says it doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a downloaded song or a streaming song (she has an Apple Music sub) but I haven’t verified that yet.

(Should note that generally music is only played when connected via bluetooth to car audio. I have not verified whether or not it happens when it’s not. Will confirm.)

Closest I’ve been able to find via Googling seems to only apply to downloaded songs, and the solution was to redownload them, but this seems to happen to every song on hers, not just a certain chunk.

Anyone seen something like this or know of a setting or something to check?

This is the thing I would check first. It sounds like some Bluetooth thing is sending a skip signal. Be curious if it is exactly at 30 seconds.

What iOS is she on, also?

90% sure she’s on the most recent, but I will verify both of those things when I get home tonight.

Need to confirm if it happens with just local playback.

Try a reboot. Hold down both buttons on older phones; volume up, down, hold power button until you see the Apple logo on newer. Probably won’t help, but always worth a try.

I’ve had a similar issue on Android - it was due to a podcast app playing weird with my Bluetooth headphones. Reinstalling both, but I think especially the headphones, fixed the problem.

IOS version 13.3 on an iPhone 8 Plus.

It does seem to only do it when connected to the car, so we’re gonna try repairing it later and see if helps.

Repair or re-pair?

Ha. Re-pairing. 😂

Okay one of you two needs an avatar.

Man, back in my day, we didn’t even HAVE avatars!

Alright, fixed.