Ipod formating HD / transfering music

Someone made reference to this in the ugly DRM thread :)

I’ve recently formatted a hard drive which stored all my itunes/ipod music on it. Prior to formating I copied the directory onto a different drive.

Is there a way that I can reinstall itunes and then move/copy in all the files to the directory, so it recognizes all the music and I can updated it as it was before with out any issues?

Last time I reinstalled itunes, it got the pc/ipod out of sync and I lost all the music on my ipod as well as my PC - which wasn’t bad at 30 songs or so, but now I’m up to over 125 songs, and I’d rather not have to go through and re-rip a bunch of them.

  • tried searching but the database is acting funky right now

www.getsharepod.com for getting music off your ipod.

nvm, misread the direction in which you want to get files off.

Hm, no that might work too… I just made a copy of all the files just in case I could simply copy the files back, vs downloading everything from my ipod back in to itunes

If need be, I can make a back up copy from the ipod and then import them in to itunes?

I wonder if the backup from getsharepod is any different then the simple files that itunes creates.