Iron Harvest deserves its own thread :)

Where is it $50? This is what I see. Is there more content than what’s in this bundle?

Deluxe is the Complete Edition. :)

In that case, on it. Boom. Looking forward to playing this weekend.

We’re not done yet,

we have a huge free update coming in the next month or so.

Amongst all the fixes and improvements made based on your feedback we will also be introducing a

new World Map Campaign mode for single player vs. A.I.

Here’s a teaser:

On the 1st world map we’ll release, you’ll have a choice of scenarios.

Or, you can customize and set up your own scenario to overcome.

With these setting, this is how it’ll look on turn 1, as your army ventures out across the land, choosing which battles to encounter and growing your factions strength.

Entering each province will expose you to new battles and skirmish set-ups. They’ll be a lot of replayability in this game mode. More to follow details as we get closer to releasing it.

Very nice, it must have sold pretty well to get so much post release support. :)

Wow that’s awesome!

Yeah, that’s awesome. I loved the RISK-style mode in Rise of Nations.

Me too!

I tried this and was disappointed that it’s so bare bones. Anyone looking for something along the lines of Rise of Nations or Dawn of War’s excellent campaign modes should keep looking. :(

But if you just want a bit of context for your Iron Harvest skirmishes without having to play through a scripted campaign, I guess it’s good for that.


For me the scripted campaign was the best thing about Iron Harvest, other than CoH-esque gameplay in a different setting.

80% off on Steam right now. 82% off for the Deluxe Edition bundle ($9.88). Tempted, but it would just go into the pile of unplayed games.

Hey, are the DLCs for this worth their campaigns? Their THEY’RE (sheesh, what is wrong with me today) going for 0.99 and 2.99 USD for the Rusviet and “Usonian” ones, respectively.

Not the Soviet one, but the other two are good.

By the other two you mean the main game and the Iron Eagle DLC, right? As far as I know there are only two DLCs.

Iron Harvest 1920+ (oh duh that was free) and Operation Eagle

Let me get this straight: somehow there’s a DLC called Iron Harvest 1920+ that’s a distinct thing from the main game, which is called the same thing? Because I see it under DLC as well, which is super bizarre.