Ironic? Moronic!

Sept 17, 2004:

Jan 4, 2005:

Appendix I:

Pretty funny, though I do agree with him. There should not be a law to wear your seat belt.

Its simply common sense to wear it, no need to use it as another excuse to fine people and waste our money on advertisments.

Appendix II:

which was apparently the reason that dope was against seatbelt laws.

Just goes to show you can be book smart and still be a fucking idiot.

Don’t know about the US, but seat belt use increased dramatically when laws were passed in Canada. Just because it makes sense doesn’t mean people will do it. I guess we don’t need GFI plugs in the bathroom because people know that water and electricity don’t mix right?

Americans believe strongly in the right to be stupid, and exercise that right frequently.

Yeah, it’s the best way to get rich quick!

It’s funny cause it’s true.