Irony: Advertising a video card with a character from a game that doesn’t run properly on the video card you’re advertising.

That Doom 3 case mod was pretty cool, though.

2008? Damn, glad I didn’t see that ad in a magazine. I’d shit a brick if I was flipping through a new magazine and there was a picture of Shodan, only to be cockblocked when I realized it was an ad for Nvidia and not a new System Shock game.

also /quote red vs blue episode about irony

This makes no sense.

You’re going to have to be more specific.

A 2008 advertisement for a high-performance GFX card for todays games featuring…Shodan?
Surely, Vanguard is the optimal benchmarker. sting

Why not use System Shock as your benchmark.

“Runs 10,000 frames a second on top games!”

Uh, top games or top systems?
I never tried to use a game as OS before, except maybe Ultima IV?

hehehe he has got you there you admit!

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all have a big round of applause for Foxstab, the man who rapes and mutilates jokes. No jury in the land would convict him! Those jokes had it coming!